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What is the MKM Series?

The MKM Series is a Europe's largest non-official tournament series organized by Cardmarket – Europe's largest online marketplace for trading card games!

At every event of the MKM Series, we are offering 4 exciting tournaments in both Constructed and Limited formats as well as a number of side events. If you add up the numbers of all the prizes we are handing out over the course of the Series, we'll be giving away more than 75.000,- € in Cardmarket coupons for the top competitors. Other prizes include sought-after collector's items like exclusive playmats!

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For Organizers & Store Owners

Run a Trial

Run a Trial

Interested tournament organizers can ask to run an MKM Series Trial in their own store. We support these events with prizes for the winner.

Házte vendedor del evento

Become a Vendor

At each stop of the MKM Series, we have several places where event vendors can buy and sell cards and accessories.

Past Events

MKM Series Frankfurt 2018

MKM Series Zaragoza 2018

The MKM Series 2018 had a succesful conclusion in Zaragoza! Over 800 players attended for the final stop of the season. The points have been calculated and our Power 8 has been crowned!

MKM Series Frankfurt 2018

MKM Series Paris 2018

The return of the MKM Series to France was a great success! Over a thousand players came to Paris for a memorable weekend. With Modern and Legacy won by Blue/White and Standard dominated by Red, the tournament results even resembled the French flag!

MKM Series Frankfurt 2018

MKM Series Prague 2018

At the time of our visit, Prague was the hottest place to be for European Tournament Magic – and that wasn't only true of the weather. Players were especially excited for the Legacy format, which had just been shaken up by bannings.

MKM Series Frankfurt 2018

MKM Series Hamburg 2018

In Hamburg four exciting tournament days have been taken place in a cool location and with many extras. More than 1500 registered players celebrated one of the largest Magic Event of the year.