Both players started the game with a Library of Alexandria and played one of their Moxen shortly after that. Then they only refilled their hands and dropped two lands before Andrea tried to draw even more cards with Ancestral Recall, which surprisingly resolved uncontested. Andrea read that as an invitation and followed up with a Monastery Mentor that resolved as well. Matteo still had no relevant action his turn and Andrea started making Monk tokens with Brainstorm, which finally prompted a Brainstorm from Matteo. Both players traded their Mental Missteps, but Andrea had a second one, so only his Brainstorm resolved. He followed it up with a Ponder, creating his fourth Monk token in the process, and attempted to Time Walk. Matteo showed him a Force of Will, but Andrea had a Force of Will of his own. Facing a Mentor attack for 8 this turn, an army of Monks and an extra turn, Matteo scooped up his cards in defeat.

Players proceded to sideboard very similarly.
In: 1 Flusterstorm 2 Sudden Shock – Out: Mox Emerald, Dack Fayden, Wear/Tear

In: Supreme Verdict, Flusterstorm, Sudden Shock – Out: Mox Emerald, Dack Fayden, Mana Crypt

Matteo kept his seven on the play while Andrea mulliganed down to six cards.
This time around both players played two lands before Andrea had the first action in the form of Black Lotus, which resolved.

Now he tried to play Ancestral Recall once again, which was met with a Brainstorm in response from Matteo, which could have proven only slightly less powerful than Ancestral due to an onboard fetchland, but he didn't find an answer in the Brainstorm and Ancestral resolved once again.

Finals Board State

Matteo wanted to keep up on cards with a Gush on his turn, ready to fall behind on lands instead. After that he cast a Mox, a Sensei's Divining Top and played a Library of Alexandria as his land drop. He passed the turn and drew his eighths card in response to Andrea summoning a dangerous Jace, Vryn's Prodigy, but had to let it resolve. Matteo just had a Preordain for his turn, and passed back to Andrea again. Andrea resolved Time Walk then looted and flipped Jace, before casting a Gitaxian Probe, seeing the following hand:

Finals Hand Probe

Joan's Hand didn't look to shabby when he was probed.

Jace tried to flashback Ancestral Recall, which caused Matteo to look into the top, then draw with Library. Both players used Mental Misstep to fight over Ancestral, then Matteo has Mindbreak Trap, but Andrea's Flusterstorm won the fight for him once again. He found and played a Monastery Mentor and followed it up with Preordain. Facing a Mentor and a Monk with Time Walk at the ready for Jace to flashback next turn, Matteo realized he was in serious trouble. As he couldn't cast his uncounterable Wrath yet, due to the earlier Gush, he Dug Through Time instead. Andrea's Pyroblast prompted another Gush in response to successfully find a Force of Will, but Matteo had to pass after his Dig Through Time without solving the problems. A DTT of his own found the required amount of spells for Andrea to pump his team into lethal territory, taking down the final match and tournament!

Vintage Milan Finals Winner