Eliott Boussaud is one of our star players at the MKM Series – he won both our last two Standard main events in Milan and in Madrid!

He also won GP Prague in 2015, made it to the Grand Prix Finals in Utrecht in 2014 and made Top 8 at GP Prague in 2013. So far he has been somewhat of a Standard specialist at our events, and he is definitely one of the favorites to win our Standard Super Final on Sunday, but today he decided to try to win our gigantic Modern main event instead.

Eliott Boussaud was eager to add yet another title to his resume this weekend!

The start of the day definitely looked promising in that regard, as he won all of his first five rounds!

He brought Pyromancer Ascension Storm to the table today, as he doesn't own that many Modern decks and likes mastering a combo deck in Modern, because the format offers so many different decks, which makes playing control decks extremely difficult. Eliott actively dislikes the combo decks using Collected Company, and would rather not want to play green in Modern at the moment.

In round six though it was time for a true David vs. Goliath scenario, when Eliot had to face Niclas Chlench and his Ally deck. Niclas had no big finishes to his name yet, and Allies are a rarely played deck, which most players would not consider tier 1. Nonetheless, today might be the day for Niclas big breakthrough, as he was able to defeat Eliott Boussaud with a turn 4 kill based on Reckless Bushwhacker despite of a blocker and an emergency Lightning Bolt from Eliotts side.

“Falling” to 5-1 still leaves Eliott in a decent position, while Niclas and his Allies “only” need to secure a 2-2 or better in the remaining rounds!