Jose Antonio brought the army of tentacles, commonly referred to as Eldrazi, while David decided to play the most explosive Combo deck in the format – Tolarian Belcher. This deck actually aims to win on the first turn of the game – something Vintage is famous for, although it actually happens very rarely in real games. Let's see whether we can witness one of these.


Game one:

Both players didn't like their first hand, but were happy enough with their six card hands.

David was allowed to go first due to his slightly better swiss result. He played Black Lotus, Mox Opal, Chrome Mox without imprint to enable the Opal, Sol Ring, and Voltaic Key which all resolved for David, but he had no business spell or draw 7 effect to go with all that mana. He had to pass the turn and hope for the best, as he had a Time Vault waiting on the top of his deck for him. Vault and Key would theoretically win the game on turn 2, but Jose was unknowingly holding his only answer to this incoming problem!

His first turn Ancient Tomb enabled Null Rod, which stopped the combo and basically David's entire deck as well. On the following turns Thalia, Guardian of Thraben and Thorn of Amethyst locked down the game almost completely in Jose's favor. He also had a second Null Rod as a failsafe, before a 7/7 Endless One sped up the clock considerably.

Jose took the lead 1-0


Game two:

David took a Mulligan again, while Jose kept his starting hand.

David only had Mox Emerald, into Sol Ring this time – a far from ideal start for his deck. On the other side of the table Jose played an Eldrazi Temple and his own Sol Ring, but his Null Rod was negated by Force of Will this time. When David had no follow-ups, Eldrazi Mimic and Though-Knot Seer came down for Jose, revealing David's hand:


Goblin Charbelcher was removed from the hand and both a second Mimic, and a Thalia, Guardian of Thraben soon joined the team successfully, only a second Though-Knot Seer was countered with Force of Will. David finally drew another Goblin Charbelcher and played it. Without mana to activate it though, that was not enough before the Eldrazi beatdown was lethal.

Jose won the game and the match 2-0