Modern has a long tradition as a format with a vast variety of viable deck archetypes. But which three decks should be considered the top three in the current metagame? We asked players for their opinion …

Sergio García was victorious in the finals of the third Trial!

Sometime PT and WMC competitor Sergio García:

“Red-White-Blue Nahiri, Jund, and probably Infect, I think.”

We also sat down with JK's Mitja Held to learn more about Eldritch Moon's best cards

JK Entertainment's financial analyst Mitja Held:

“Jund, Infect, and, curiously enough, still Eldrazi.”

Rodrigo Togores believed there were 4 good decks in Modern

MKM Series Top 8 regular and recent Grand Prix champion Rodrigo Togores:

“Actually, I think there are four decks at the moment who share the top spot: Infect, Tron, Black-Green-X, so either Jund or Junk [Abzan], and the red-white-blue deck with Nahiri, the Harbinger.”

Carlos Moral is the Grand Prix Prague 2014 semifinalist

Grand Prix Prague 2014 semifinalist Carlos Moral:

“Probably Jund or Black-Green-X, Affinity, and Suicide Zoo.”