As we promised, we start today with the interview with Marius Hausmann about Death and Taxes. I hope you're looking forward to it and find some interesting insight.

1 How did you get into playing Death and Taxes?

I've been playing Magic for more than ten years and got into Legacy via Vintage. I was quite successful, for example Top8 at Ovinogeddon or German Legacy Champion. I play Death and Taxes because I really like creature decks, but do not enjoy playing Delver. Also I find decks that win with creatures via Show and Tell kind of boring. That's why I've played Stifle Nought and Maverick earlier. However, these decks have a quite bad Miracles-Matchup, which makes them somewhat unplayable right now. For this reason I started playing Death and Taxes. What I really like to mention though is that in my opinion fair decks like Death and Taxes reward the better playes more because there is no safety-net, like for example Brainstorm.

2 What does your current list look like?

At the moment, there are two kinds of lists. For one, there is a red-white variant which tries to slow the opponent down with Magus of the Moon and give you access to all your creatures via Imperial Recruiter. The other list is mono-white. What needs to be highlighted here is that the deck is quite flexible because of Aether Vial. Right now I prefer the mono-white version because it is not as attackable as the two-colored one. Currently I am running this version:

3 What makes your version special?

I try to keep the list as clear as possible, so I forgo shenanigans. I hope to gain the highest possible consistency from my cards this way. In the sideboard I only play cards that have a huge impact on the game once they enter the battlefield.


4 What do you think of Death and Taxes as a beginner's deck?

That is hard to say. I wouldn't recommend starting with Death and Taxes because it only forgives few mistakes. There are so many reasons against it, but then again, getting into a new format is always hard. So why not?