Here we are with the great final of our Legacy week.

1 Who are you?

My name is Rodrigo Togores. I've been playing collectible card games since I can think. I started with Pokémon, then played Magic, then Yu-Gi-Oh!, and finally went back to Magic. I almost exclusively play eternal formats and love combo. When I started playing Magic more competitively six years ago, I never thought that I would become successful so fast. My biggest achievement was the first place of GP Prague 2016 in the Legacy format. Before that, I won several tournaments in Modern and Vintage, for example MKM series Rome 2015 and MKM series Madrid 2015.

2 How did you get to playing ANT?

After I started playing in 2004, I bought a Legacy deck after GP Madrid 2010. Part of the reason is that this deck made second place on this GP, but also because I was fascinated by the options that deck provides.

Rodrigo Togores won a number of MKM Series events

3 What does your current deck list look like?

Here's my current list. It's the same I played on GP Prague. So it doesn't get more up-to-date than that. So here it is :

4 What makes your list special?

I don't run any Dark Petitions because this card is bad in combination with Lion's Eye Diamond. It also empoweres the graveyard hate against me. Instead I play two Past in Flames because they are more consistent against counterspells and allow me to participate more in the game. One peculiarity that people notice quite often are the Sensei's Diving Tops. It is true, they are bad against really fast decks like for example Delver. Additionally, in the first game you would rather need Preordain because it is important for Past in Flames. But a point for Sensei's Divining Top is that it generates a win rate of 70% in game two and three vs. control decks if played early. This is mainly because control over the drawn cards is tremendously important vs. decks like Miracles. But for me, the biggest trick is my sideboard. It is based on the tactic „Temporize and overrun“.

5 What do you think of ANT as a beginner's deck?

Basically it is a beginner's deck, but you have to expect many losses in the first six months because the deck offers many possibilities and it's difficult to choose the best. But if you constantly practise the deck and don't mind losing, it is one of the best decks. That is because you can always improve with ANT in opposite to decks like Show and Tell or Turbo Deaths. With these decks you quickly reach the zenith, and then that's it. With ANT it's more like this: As long as you can resolve a spell, you can still win the game.