In this, the final round of the Swiss, with Top 8 on the line, Rob Catton squared off against Francesco Nicolini. The matchup here was a fight between two of the most played decks in the tournament. Catton brought a white-blue control deck to combat Nicolini's Jund.

Game 1

After initial trades—Thoughtseize took a Restoration Angel, Path to Exile took a Tarmogoyf—it appeared that Nicolini was already out of threats. Attacking with Raging Ravine was his next move, and that was met with Snapcaster Mage to flashback Path to Exile.

Francesco Nicolini

Soon Catton cast Sphinx's Revelation and his stranglehold on the game only increased. All further threats were traded against appropriate answers. For a while it appeared as if Nicolini might be able to whittle down Catton's defenses after all, especially when the latter played land after land and went down to just two cards in hand …

But then came a crucial turn in the course of which Catton cast Restoration Angel to save his Wall of Omens as well as Cryptic Command to save his Angel from Terminate. Not only did Catton draw two extra cards this turn; he now also had Restoration Angel back in hand and would use it on his Wall again next turn.

This exchange left Catton so far ahead that Nicolini could never catch up. Eventually Restoration Angel and Celestial Colonnade ended a game which by that point had already been decided for a couple of turns.

Game 2

Nicolini led with Inquisition of Kozilek but left Ancestral Vision in Catton's hand. He had other plans and tried to go for a fast kill with a Tarmogoyf whose power quickly outgrew Wall of Omens's toughness.

Rob Catton

Further discard spells provided cover for the green monster. But not enough. Before long it was sent on a Path to Exile after all. Ancestral Vision came out of suspension and put Catton at a massive advantage card-wise.

Meanwhile, Tectonic Edge took out Nicolini's only source of red mana and things only went further downhill for the Jund player from here. Along the way, Catton even deployed Crucible of Worlds and got more use out of Tectonic Edge.

Nicolini ended the game with just three lands on the battlefield. Thankfully, not much later Restoration Angel and Celestial Colonnade put Nicolini out of his misery.

Rob Catton 2-0 Francesco Nicolini