Mikael Linden is a two-time champion of our past Vintage events, but surprisingly didn’t manage to make Top8 yesterday. Instead he had set his eyes on winning todays Legacy event. Mikael was Stuart Schaum’s only loss in the Swiss rounds, so Stuart was eager to leverage his Karma here and get his revenge.

Stuart mulliganed down to six, and passed after playing land and Lotus Petal, while Mikael “cycled” three Gitaxian Probes, reducing his own life total significantly before putting the totals to 14 to 16 with a Lightning Bolt.


Stuart only kept passing while Mikael used the dreaded Brainstorm and fetchland combo to find a Delver of Secrets, which was countered via Daze. Despite of all that card selection for Mikael, Stuart was surprisingly allowed to Entomb and Exhume his Iona, Shield of Emeria. One Delver came back from the dead as well, and Mikael deployed a second copy. The race was on though due to all his self-inflicted damage, and red cards could not be played anymore to change the ticking of the clock. Iona struck Mikael down to 6 life, while one Delver attacked back and the other stayed home to block. Mikael played his fourth Gitaxian Probe just digging for some additional information, before scooping up his cards in defeat.


Stuart Schaum took the lead 1-0

It was Mikaels turn to mulligan, but he got to lead with a Delver of Secrets, before using Daze to prevent Stuart from casting Careful Study. This hurt Stuart really badly. Not only could he not discard his large creatures, but he also couldn’t draw into a second land now. Stormchaser Mage sped up the clock, while Entomb was negated by Force of Will. Without a “real” target in sight, Stuart decided to Reanimate an opposing Delver. Mikael was not impressed and kept applying pressure with his Stormchaser Mage while keeping the graveyard in check with a Relic of Progenitus.


Stuart’s Delver flipped, but his Show and Tell was thwarted with the two punch-combo of Surgical Extraction into Flusterstorm. To add insult to injury, Bedlam Reveler from the top refilled Mikaels hand and provided a big body at the same time. A Pyroblast prevented the Delver from blocking (by destroying it) and the two Prowess creatures rumbled in for the win.


The match was tied at 1-1


So far both games were won by the player who took a mulligan. Therefore, Stuart tried to get the edge by doing it again this game.
Careful Study put a Grave Titan into his favorite place, before Mikael summoned his usual Human-Insect Hybrid.


Mikael’s Surgical Extraction denied a Reanimate on the Titan, and Ponder was Dazed to keep Stuart off-balance. Over the next two turns Monastery Swiftspear and the flipped Delver made short work of Stuart before he could into draw anything else.

Mikael Linden takes the match 2-1 and advances to the Semifinal