A lot of German players took their chance to combine this awesome weekend of MKM Series tournaments with a short vacation in Prague, a city the Series will happily return to in the Summer of 2017. Two of these German players met in this Vintage Top8 match.

Game 1:

Johannes started with a first turn land, Mox Ruby and Grindstone, while Martin had a land and Mox Sapphire, allowing him to directly disable the threat (and both players‘ Moxen) with a Null Rod.

Johannes played Goblin Welder, a potential future solution for the opposing Null Rod.


Martin summoned his own sweet 1-drop in the form of a Deathrite Shaman, but his follow-up Trygon Predator was denied via Pyroblast on the next turn. When Johannes‘ Tinker allowed him to put Blightsteel Colossus into play, it suddenly looked grim for Martin again.


After blocking and taking „only“ 9 poison counters, Martin played Vampiric Tutor, but couldn‘t come up with any solution because he was one mana short for Jace, the Mind Sculptor, the only card which could have helped him at this point. By disabling his own Sapphire the Null Rod had surprisingly hurt himself significantly in this situation.

Johannes took the lead

Game 2:


Martin started the second game on Black Lotus, which resolved and allowed him to cast Brainstorm, True-Name Nemesis and Mox Emerald. Johannes responded with an impressive first turn of his own though: Mox Jet, Mana Crypt and Tolarian Academy into Tezzeret the Seeker. Too bad for him that Martin had a Force of Will for the planeswalker, before he started attacking and used Demonic Tutor as his last card in hand. Johannes on the other hand chose to shuffle for his Ponder before passing the turn with this unexciting hand:


A Null Rod came into play for Martin, but his Dark Confidant met a Force of Will. Mishra's Factory and the Nemesis provided a fast clock though, and Jace came down this time to seal Johannes‘ fate at least for the second game.

The match was tied at 1-1

Game 3:

Now Johannes had the initiative again, but only played a fetchland. Martin mirrored this play, but started the action on Johannes Upkeep with an Ancestral Recall, which was hit by Red Elemental Blast. Sol Ring and Deathrite Shaman developed both players‘ mana further, but a Tinker sculpted the Sol Ring into a Blightsteel Colossus, which first ate the Deathrite Shaman and then Martin just like in the first game – putting Johannes into the Semifinals.



Johannes Heibach won 2-1


These cards were not helping against Colossus!