Meanwhile on the other side of the bracket these two players had won their respective quarterfinal matches. Stefano was trying to maximize his artifacts with a Tezzerator variant, while Erik was piloting an unpowered Eldrazi deck preying on these kind of decks with Null Rod.


Game 1:

Stefano lead with a Sensei‘s Divining Top only for Erik to play a first turn Null Rod via Ancient Tomb. Stefano just played a second Top, hoping for better times, before Thought-Knot Seer removed Thirst for Knowledge from Stefano‘s hand.


Stefano drew some cards with Thoughtcast, but had no real business to follow up. He didn‘t appreciate it when Erik played two replacement Thorn of Amethysts after his first one was met with Force of Will. Facing so much disruption and a fast clock, Stefano just picked up his cards in disgust.

Erik took the lead 1-0


Game 2:

Stefano had a fast start this time and countered the opposing Null Rod while improving his hand with Thoughtcast and Top activations.


A 2/2 Endless One seemed harmless at first, but when it was joined by an 3/3 Endless One, the clock started ticking. When Eye of Ugin came down next to Ancient Tomb and Urborg, Tomb of Yawgmoth that suddenly provided enough mana for two Thought-Knot Seers on the same turn, which wrecked Stefano‘s hand and represented lethal damage on the next turn.


Stefano tried to draw out of the situation with Time Walk, the Divining Top/Voltaic Key combo and Thoughtcast. Tolarian Academy, Black Lotus, Hurkyl's Recall, replaying all his jewelry and the Top would have made every Storm player proud, but all of these actions were futile, because Stefano could not find his Time Vault to go with his Voltaic Key, nor anything else of relevance despite drawing a lot of extra cards.


Erik took down the match 2-0