Before the MagicCardMarket Series Milan 2017 Legacy main event started I spotted some Magic pro players as well as famous players from previous MagicCardMarket Series events. So I didn’t hesitate and jumped at the opportunity to ask them some quick questions at MKMS in Milan.

What do you think is the best deck in Legacy right now and what are you playing today?

Andrea Mengucci is an Italian platinum pro player.

Andrea Mengucci: I think the best deck could be Miracles. Nevertheless I play Death& Taxes today. I enjoy playing different decks and do not care about the prizes. However I am not defenseless against Miracles. My sideboard tech for the matchup is Gideon, Ally of Zendikar. He can win on it’s own against Miracles and since they board out the countermagic it’s likely that it resolves.
Rodrigo Togores: Although I don’t play it today, I guess it’s Miracles. I play Storm today.
Fabian Friedrich: In my opinion the best deck is Storm. It can win out of nowhere and is also able to handle the hate other decks have in their sideboard. But when it comes to style the best deck is Lands. Unfortunately I have to play Standard because to have to catch my flight and Legacy will probably end to late.
Marius Hausmann: Miracles is the best deck in Legacy. I chose to play Food Chain today because I really like the deck and it is in a good spot against Miracles.
Julian Knab: ….(Miracles)! …..(Elves)!

Julian Knab is an Legacy enthusiast and dominated the Legacy and Modern leaderboard.

Which of the new cards are most relevant for Legacy?

Rodrigo Togores won Grand Prix Prague 2016 and several MKMS events.

Andrea Mengucci: I think Leovold, Emissary of Trest is the most relevant card for Legacy.
Rodrigo Togores: If you expect me to say Leovold I have to disappoint you. I think he is great in Vintage but he is to bad for Legacy. There is a lot more creature removal in Legacy than in Vintage. Of course you draw a card when it is destroyed but drawing for three doesn’t sound that strong to me. There are better creatures you can play in Legacy.
Fabian Friedrich: I really like the Leovold, Emissary of Trest Reid Duke played when he won Grand Prix Louisville this year.
Marius Hausmann: I think that Fatal Push had no great impact in Legacy because there is enough removal already in the format. Leovold, Emissary of Trest looks interesting.
Julian Knab: Leovold changed how some deck have to sideboard. With my Elves deck I now have to sideboard in Abrupt Decay against Aluren.

Fabian Friedrich Top8ed several MKMS events as well as the World Magic Cup and Grand Prix Paris 2016.