Before the MagicCardMarket Series Milan 2017 Legacy main event started I spotted some Magic pro players as well as famous players from previous MagicCardMarket Series events. So I didn’t hesitate and jumped at the opportunity to ask them some quick questions at MKMS in Milan.

Who is favored for the MKMS Power Eight this year?

Andrea Mengucci: Julian Knab is favored since he is pretty good and shows up a lot at the MKMS events.
Rodrigo Togores: Think there are some capable players for the Race. For example Angelo Cadei and Julian Knab.
Fabian Friedrich: Well, it always depends on who will show up at the events. But I think Julian Knab has good chances.
Marius Hausmann: You can’t be sure about that since it depends who will participate constantly. Favored players are Julian Knab, Anton Karlinski, Claudio Bonani, and Rodrigo Togores.
Julian Knab: I know  some skilled players but I don't know if they will show up. So I will go with Angelo Cadei, Rodrigo Togores, and Marius Hausmann.


Who do you think will play in the Legacy final today?

Andrea Mengucci: Angelo Cadei will make it into the finals today. He is the best Itallian Vintage player.
Rodrigo Togores: Many great players will play the event. Perhaps Angelo Cadei.
Fabian Friedrich: That is a difficult question, but I think Julian Knab.
Marius Hausmann: Julian Knab because he is really into Legacy.
Julian Knab: Rodrigo Togores or Marius Hausmann.