Meanwhile on the other side of the bracket these two players had won their respective quarterfinal matches. Both used the power of artifacts to defeat their opponents. Domenico Di Noia chose the aggressive nature of artifacts and decided to play an Affinity deck. In contrast to Di Noia’s decision, Nicolas Duguet sleeved up a BG Tron deck for the Tournament.

Game 1

Both kept their first seven cards and the game began.
In the first two turns Di Noia played Memnite and tried to resolve a Chalice of the Void for one. In response to the Chalice Duguet destroyed Memnite with Fatal Push. In his turn Duguet collected some of his tron pieces via Sylvan Scrying. The next robot which joined Di Noia’s team was Arcbound Ravager. Duguet send the Ravager to the graveyard with Collective Brutality.
Frogmite was the next creature Di Noia put into play. But it was too late. Without taking any serious damage Duguet managed to find Urza's Tower, Urza's Power Plant, and Urza's Mine. During the next turn he unleashed Karn Liberated and World Breaker while Di Noia’s creatures were two Frogmite and one Memnite. When Duguet also summoned Ugin, the Spirit Dragon it was time for Di Noia to concede.

Duguet took the lead 1-0

Game 2

Both kept their seven cards and started the game.
Di Noia had an aggressive start with Memnite, Signal Pest, and Arcbound Ravager while Duguet could only cycle Chromatic Sphere. Di Noia attacked his opponent down to 14 life. And played a Welding Jar and a Cranial Plating.
Oblivion Stone entered the battlefield from Duguet but it was to late. The next attack with Di Noia’s creatures quipped with Cranial Plating and a Galvanic Blast reduced Duguet’s life total to 0.

Di Noia catched up 1-1

Game 3

While Duguet used his first turns a find tron pieces via two Expedition Map, Di Noia summoned two Ornithopter, Mox Opal, and Frogmite. After that a Cranial Plating hit the table but Duguet played Seal of Primordium.
Before Di Noia attack with his team Arcbound Ravager entered the battlefield.

An equipped Ornithopter lost the Plaiting. But not to Seal of Primordium which Duguet had sacrificed, rather to Arcbound Ravager which in response was activated. Duguet dropped down to 13 life. He successfully assembled all three tron pieces but had only Chromatic Sphere as a follow up.
Di Noia continued his attacks and put Duguet down to 5 life. He cast Blood Moon and passed the turn.
Duguet had not only his tron but also Forest so he Nature's Claimed the Blood Moon and played a Wurmcoil Engine.

When Di Noia equipped Ornithopter with the Cranial Plating and attacked for leathal, Duguet offered the handshake.

Domenico Di Noia won 2-1