Marius Hausmann finished third after eight rounds of swiss and then smashed through the Top 8 with an amazing 4-0 record. His opponent Martin Kral defeated Andrej Rutar’s colorless Eldrazi deck in the semifinal with his Omnitell deck. Now both players were in their final match for the MKMS Milan Legacy trophy.

Game 1

Both players kept their opening hand and the game began.
Hausmann used Polluted Delta to find Underground Sea. He then cast Ponder and passed the turn. Kral took a peek at Hausmann’s hand with Gitaxian Probe, played Island, and passed the turn.

Hausmann cracked another Polluted Delta to get Tropical Island. Baleful Strix resolved, but first Kral cast Brainstorm while the Strix was on the stack.
Kral played a land on his turn and passed. Hausmann attack with Baleful Strix, played a third land, and cast Leovold, Emissary of Trest.
Kral still had no action on his turn and passed again. Whereas Hausman was on fire. He played a fourth land and resolved Food Chain. He attacked with the Strix only to sac it into the Food Chain during the second main phase. Eternal Scourge followed by Misthollow Griffin provided infinit mana for Hausmann. With no attempt from Kral to respond to anything Hausmann played, Walking Ballista finally entered the battlefield shooting millions of damage at Kral.

Hausmann won the first game 1-0

Game 2

Both players kept their opening seven, played a land, and passed the turn.
The first action came from Hausmann in form of an end of turn Brainstorm. In his turn he fetched a Swamp and Pondered. Since he didn’t liked the cards he shuffled and drew a random card. Deathrite Shaman entered the battlefield and the turn ended.
In Kral’s turn he resolved Show and Tell. Leovold, Emissary of Trest for Hausmann and Omniscience for Kral entered the battlefield. Griselbrand was cast because Kral was now able to cast any card from his hand for free.
Hausmann played a land on his turn and added Baleful Strix to his team. He removed a land in the graveyard with his Deathrite Shaman in order to cast Diabolic Edict which got Spell Pierceed from Kral. But with Leovold denying the card draw from Griselbrand and the Strix limiting Grieselbrands attacks down to one, Hausman was not that much behind. Kral had to pay 7 life to draw one card. No great deal. In his turn Kral fetched and went down to 9 life caused by Fetchlands, Ancient Tomb, Gireselbrand and attacks from the Strix.
At the beginning of his turn Hausmann went into tank. He played a land and cast Manipulate Fate finding two Misthollow Griffin and one Manipulate Fate. Kral paid 7 life going down to 2 life in order to draw a card in Hausmann’s end of turn step. Hausmann had an active Deathrite Shaman and two blue mana available but unfortunately no black mana. Vendilion Clique at the end of Kral’s draw step took a Brainstorm away. Griselbrand attacked and was blocked by Baleful Strix putting Kral’s life total up to 9 again.
Hausmann started his turn and attacked Kral down to 3 life, played Misthollow Griffin from the exile, and passed the turn.
With Omniscience still in play, Kral cast Emrakul, the Aeons Torn for free.
He got an extra turn in which he attacked Hausmann with his Emrakul. With the Annihilator trigger on the stack, Hausmann exiled Griselbrand from the graveyard with his Deathrite Shaman to make sure that he survives the incoming damage from Emrakul. He sacrificed all of his lands to Annihilator and Kral passed the turn.

With no blocker left Hausmann send his whole team into the red zone for an lethal attack.

Congratulation to Maruis Hausmann the MKMS Milan 2017 Legacy Champion!