Friday marked not only the first day of MKM Series Frankfurt 2017, beginning with its Vintage main event, but also the release of Magic‘s latest set! Amonkhet takes us to a world based on ancient Egyptian lore and history. Would the set also be able to influence the game's most ancient format? We asked a few of the experts in attendance this weekend for which Amonkhet cards they saw a future in Vintage.

Marius Hausmann, MKM Series Milan 2017 Legacy champion: “I don't see any Amonkhet card with Vintage potential, with the possible exception of By Force. That probably wrecks Mishra's Workshop decks quite badly.”

Rodrigo Togores, three-time MKM Series champion: “The most interesting card is By Force. It's like a different Shattering Spree for decks that can't pay so much red mana. I think it will see play, at least at the start.”

Julian Knab, Legacy mastermind and MKM Series champion: “I asked my Twitter and they agreed it was full-art Island.”

Anton Karlinski, MKM Series Prague 2016 champion: “None.”