How would the metagame react to the restriction of Gush and Gitaxian Probe? We asked some of the more notable players for their estimate: Which three decks do you expect to be the most played in Vintage this weekend?

Marius Hausmann, MKM Series Milan 2017 Legacy champion: “I haven't played Vintage in a while, but traditionally there'd been Dredge, Mishra's Workshop decks, and Mana Drain Control. The format might revert to that now without the faster Monastery Mentor decks.”

Rodrigo Togores, three-time MKM Series champion:Mishra's Workshop decks and Eldrazi will remain strong. Mentor will get weaker, and Mana Drain decks will get better again. They just were too unefficient against and in comparison to the Gush deck.”

Mikael Lindén, two-time MKM Series Vintage champion:Monastery Mentor, Stax, and a third one … perhaps Eldrazi or Oath of Druids?

Anton Karlinski, MKM Series Prague 2016 champion: “Since there only are four decks in the format, one might as well list them all, right? Mishra's Workshop decks, Bazaar of Baghdad decks, Force of Will decks, and Eldrazi decks.”

Tim van der Lans, Modern champion of MKM's 2015 SuperFinals “Eldrazi, Mishra's Workshop decks, and hopefully we'll see Planeswalker Control again—in Grixis colors, with Tinker and Time Vault.”