After six rounds of swiss, the remaining eight players finally faced the first knock-out round in the Vintage main event. In this quarterfinal two Magic heavyweights faced each other: Sweden's Mikael Linden who had already won the MKM Series Vintage main event two times playing the same Oath of Druids deck. And Netherland’s Tim van der Lans the Modern champion from the MKM Series 2015 SuperFinals.
“So the higher seated player goes first?!“ van der Lans asked the judge.
“Yes. Who is it?“ replied the judge. “Of course him. He asked the question“ Linden replied with a smile.

Mikael Linden

Game 1

Both players kept their opening seven. Van der Lans started the game with Mana Crypt into Thirst for Knowledge discarding Toxic Deluge and Tropical Island.
Linden had Black Lotus, Mox Pearl, and resolved a Thirst for Knowledge of his own. He continued with Ancestral Recall, but van der Lans had Misdirection. Linden answered with Flusterstorm and drew three cards.
Van der Lans took 3 points of damage from his Mana Crypt and played Dig Through Time, which was countered by Force of Will.
Linden played Channel, but van der Lans could hardcast Force of Will.
On his turn,van der Lans had only two cards in hand. He played Tolarian Academy and said go with one cards in hand.
Linden resolved Show and Tell, putting Emrakul, the Aeons Torn onto the battlefield and passed the turn. Facing the huge Eldrazi creature, van der Lans scooped.

Emrakul arrived

Mikael Linden took the lead 1-0

Game 2

After a little chat about how Mikael Linden won the “win and in” round, both players kept their opening seven and started the second game.
Van der Lans began with Mox Sapphire, Ancestral Recall, and Forbidden Orchard.
Linden played Forbidden Orchard too. “Now we will start a Spirit token war!” van der Lans laughed. Both players started creating Spirit token, while they cast some spells. Most of the time cantrips resolved, whereas cards like Jace, the Mind Sculptor, Oath of Druids, or Tinker didn’t resolve.
Both players drew a card and passed the turn a few times, but not without giving the opponent a Spirit token each turn. The first action came from Linden with Show and Tell but van der Lans cast Force of Will leaving him with no cards left in his hand. Van der Lans resolved Vampiric Tutor and a few turn later, and down to 6 point of life, he started his action:
He resolved Time Walk and played Yawgmoth's Will, which resolved too. Mox Sapphire, Ancestral Recall, Jace, the Mind Sculptor, Time Walk and Tinker for Blightsteel Colossus were the cards, that came out of van der Lans discards pile.

Yawgmoth's Will did resolve

Facing van der Lans with the Colossus and two extra turns, Linden shuffled his deck and went to game 3.

The match was tied at 1-1

Game 3

Both players kept and Linden started the last game of the quarterfinals with Preordain and Mox Jet. The first real action came from Linden, when he played Thirst for Knowledge in van der Lans’ end step. Van der Lans responded with his own Thirst and countered Linden’s Thirst with Swan Song.
On his turn, Linden’s Ancestral Recall was countered too, but he managed to resolve Time Walk.
In his extra turn, Linden cast Channel, which was forced by van der Lans.
Van der lans played Tinker. Linden tried to counter with Force of Will but van der lans had Swan Song and Blightsteel Colossus entered the battlefield.
Linden was able to chump block the first attack with his Swan tokens, but didn’t find an answer before van der Land attacked for a second time.

Blightsteel Colossus was tinkered onto the battlefield

Tim van der Lans took the match 2-1 and advanced to the Semifinal

Tim van der Lans