After six rounds plus quarter- and semifinals, only two players were left to duke it out for the title and trophy of our Modern main event: Simon Bülhoff who went 9-1 in the swiss rounds and only lost to Abzan Company, because his Affinity deck wasn’t able to handle multiple copies of Stony Silence. And Dennis Königsmark piloting Death’s Shadow Jund.

Dennis Königsmark

Game 1

Königsmark kept his opening seven, while Bülhoff went down to six cards and started with Vault Skirge. Königsmark used two copies of Mishra's Bauble and passed the turn.
Bülhoff attacked and played Cranial Plating, while Königsmark played a land and passed the turn. Etched Champion was the second creature for Bülhoff. Vault Skirge attacked and was destroyed by Tarfire in the end step. Königsmark was busy cycling three Street Wraith but found nothing relevant. With 10 points of life remaining he passed the turn. Bülhoff equipped Etched Champion with Cranial Plating and attacked. When he played a second Plating in his second main phase, Königsmark conceeded the game.
“The second Plating is always a good line.” Said Königsmark while shuffling his cards.

Simon Bülhoff took the lead 1-0

Game 2

Like in game one, Königsmark kept his opening seven, while Bülhoff took a mulligan. The first creature that hit the table was Vault Skirge only to die to Tarfire. Memnite and Grim Flayer entered the battlefield. Bülhoff resolved Mox Opal, Chalice of the Void for one, and Thoughtcast during his second turn. Königsmark played Liliana, the Last Hope and used her first ability to get rid of Memnite. He attacked with Grim Flayer and passed the turn. In the next two turns Bülhoff managed to resolve Etched Champion and Blood Moon, whereas Königsmark could destroy the Chalice with Ancient Grudge and continued the attacks with Grim Flayer. Bülhoff was busy attacking Liliana, the Last Hope. Königsmark played two Pithing Needle naming Cranial Plating and Arcbound Ravager and attacked his opponent down to 8 points of life.
On 1 life, Bülhoff was able to generate white mana with the help of Springleaf Drum in order to Dispatch the Flayer. But it was too late, while the board was stalled with two Death's Shadow, Etched Champion, and Steel Overseer, Königsmark drew Tarfire for the missing points of damage.

Attacking wasn't promising

The match was tied at 1-1

Game 3

Bülhoff opened with land, Vault Skirge, and Mox Opal while his opponent played land and passed the turn. Bülhoff attacked with the Skirge and resolved Chalice of the Void for one. Tarmogoyf was the play from Königsmark. Bülhoff equipped Vault Skirge with Cranial Plating, activated Blinkmoth Nexus and attacked. After the turn the life totals were 25 for Bülhoff and 11 on Königsmark’s side. Liliana, the Last Hope killed Vault Skirge. Ornithopter and Etched Champion entered the battlefield while Königsmark only had Mishra's Bauble and Inquisition of Kozilek, which got countered by Chalice. Bülhoff found a second Etched Champion and attacked for lethal.

Liliana kept Etched Champion busy

Both players shook their hands. Bülhoff’s team that watched all three games and shared the thrill with him, applauded and congratulated him.

Simon Bülhoff won the game, the match with 2-1, and the tournament!

Congratulations to Simon Bülhoff the MKMS Frankfurt 2017 Modern Champion!

Team Strong Force