Marius Hausmann went into the weekend as the frontrunner on the 2017 MKM Series Leaderboard and he did great in the previous season as well. In fact, Hausmann had been the third most succesful Legacy player of the MKM Series in 2016, and qualified for both the Legacy and the Modern SuperFinals. He was looking forward to the day's events, saying, “I'm super excited for the SuperFinals. So many great players and no spinning the Top.”

Speaking of the banning of Sensei's Divining Top, Hausmann mentioned, “Until Monday, I expected to be well prepared with my Food Chain deck. Now I guess I need to tune the deck more against combo. But, depending on how I fare in Sunday's Legacy main event, I may also switch to Bant Aggro.”

About Modern Hausmann said, “It's funny that I accidentally qualified for Modern too. I even bought a Bant Eldrazi deck for the tournament; unfortunately that deck is no fun at all. I'd have played a home brew with four each of Liliana of the Veil, Dark Confidant, and Fatal Push. I didn't get the cards in time, however, so I'll just play what I like to call ‘brainless panzer.'”

The invitation-only SuperFinals wouldn't be a large tournament of course, and shrinking too, because of its single-elimination mode. Did either the size or elimination process influence Hausmann's deck choices?

“No, as a matter of principle, I never choose my deck for a specific player base, because you can never be sure to play against the guy you're gunning for,” noted Hausmann. “Otherwise I'd just cram four Engineered Plague and four Grafdigger's Cage into my sideboard for Julian [Knab's Elves].”

Finally, I asked Hausmann for his opinion on the discontinuation of the SuperFinals and its replacement with the MKM Series Power 8 system. (Check this if you didn't hear yet!)

“It's awesome! Simply put, the benefits are considerably more generous now,” was Hausmann's evaluation. He was slightly critical of the 1.5 multiplier for MKM Series Barcelona, the final event of the 2017 season, though.