After ten rounds of Modern, only eight players remained in the running for the fame and the fortune. In this quarterfinal, a German affair, Alexander Beiersdorfer with his Lantern Control deck faced off against Simon Bülhoff and his Affinity deck.

Alexander Beiersdorfer

Game 1

Bülhoff went first and both players kept their opening seven. In his first two turns Bülhoff resolved Memnite, Mox Opal, Steel Overseer and Arcbound Ravager. Beiersdorfer had Lantern of Insight and was forced to play Collective Brutality using all three modes. With Beiersdorfer beeing tapped out, Bülhoff activated Inkmoth Nexus, sacrificed his artifacts into Arcbound Ravager only to sacrifice and to put enough +1/+1 counters on Inkmoth Nexus for the poison kill.

Inkmoth Nexus after Ravager action

“A turn three kill by Affinity never happend to me before!”, Beiersdorfer said amazed.

Simon Bülhoff took the lead 1-0

Game 2

Both players took a mulligan. While Bülhoff kept his six new cards, Beiersdorfer took another mulligan down to five cards. In this first turns, he played Ghoulcaller's Bell but wasn’t able to find a second land. Bülhoff played two Signal Pest, Ornithopter, and Arcbound Ravager. When Beiersdorfer found his second land, he was able to play Spellskite, Pithing Needle on Arcbound Ravager and a second Bell. Although he milled both players, Bülhoff could equip Ornithopter with Cranial Plating and attack Beiersdorfer down to 7 points of life.

Robots attacking

Ensnaring Bridge entered the battlefield but with one card in hand, Beiersdorfer went down to 1 point of life and 5 poison counters after Bülhoff attacked. Facing death, Beiersdorfer stabilized and locked Bülhoff.
“Do you concede?“ Beiersdorfer asked with a smile? “NO! You would have been defeated, if I hadn’t made a misplay earlier. ” was the quick answer from Bülhoff. The game went on and Bülhoff resolved Blood Moon, but with no colored mana available, Bülhoff wasn’t able to flashback Ancient Grudge from his discard pile. When Beiersdorfer had Welding Jar, multiple “Mill- Artifacts” and was about to mill his opponent. Bülhoff conceded and both players went into game three…

Beiersdorfer controlling the game

The match was tied at 1-1

Game 3

While Beiersdorfer kept his seven cards, Bülhoff went down to six cards.
Bülhoff played Island, Ornithopter and countered Beiersdorfer’s Ghoulcaller's Bell with Stubborn Denial. He then cast Chalice of the Void with one counter and ended his second turn. In the following turns Beiersdorfer found Abrupt Decay for the Chalice and played Spellskite, Codex Shredder and Lantern of Insight. Bülhoff attacked with his Ravager and Etched Champion. His opponent blocked with Spellskite which died to Bühloff’s Ghirapur Æther Grid.
Beiersdorfer played Pithing Needle and Bülhoff sacrificed his Arcbound Ravager in response and put three +1/+1 counter on his Etched Champion. The Needle named Ghirapur Æther Grid and Beiersdorfer passed the turn.
Attacks with an 5/5 Etched Champion and Blinkmoth Nexus reduced Beiersdorfer’s life points to 5. With Academy Ruins, Lantern of Insight and multiple “Mill-Artifacts” on the board, Beiersdorfer was searching for Ensnaring Bridge while he controlled the cards Bülhoff drew.
Facing lethal and finding no Bridge in 35 cards of his library, Beiersdorfer conceded and offered the handshake.

Etched Champion on steroids

Simon Bülhoff took the match 2-1 and advanced to the Semifinal.