Legacy players didn't just lose a card, they also gained several new ones with the release of Amonkhet, at least potentially. We asked a bunch of notable players in attendance this weekend for their opinion: Which Amonkhet cards do you think will have the biggest impact on Legacy?

Julian Knab, Legacy mastermind and MKM Series champion: “Not sure. I was initially excited for Nissa, Steward of Elements, but I’m not sure if she will actually make the cut. Vizier of the Menagerie is another cool grindy card that passes both the Lightning Bolt and Abrupt Decay test, so it might see some play in Elves. Whether it's gonna be good enough, we will see. With Miracles taken care of, being a creature, instead of a Planeswalker, is much less of a downside than it used to be. Bonus points for being Green Sun's Zenith-able. Still, overall nothing immediately jumps out to me. But I'm sure if there's anything spicy, Caleb Durward will play it in the Legacy Premier League.”

Mikael Lindén, two-time MKM Series Vintage champion: “Despite not knowing many of the new cards a friend of mine mentioned Soul-Scar Mage which perhaps will make its way into Blue-Red Delver. Also Gideon of the Trials could be a sideboard card in some decks.”

Anton Karlinski, MKM Series Prague 2016 champion:Stinging Shot as a sideboard card against Delver of Secrets / Insectile Aberration, if anything. Maybe people will try Gideon of the Trials, but well …”

Tim van der Lans, Modern champion of MKM's 2015 SuperFinals “I'm glad that I can't even come up with a card. Fatal Push and Leovold, Emissary of Trest have shaken up the format too much already recently. There's not enough red in Legacy for Harsh Mentor to have an impact.”

Rodrigo Togores, three-time MKM Series champion: “I haven't seen any good cards for Legacy. As far as I recall.”

Sebastian Wibmer, Modern finalist MKM Series Frankfurt 2016: “I see little potential for Legacy. Maybe the cycle lands in combination with Fluctuator. Shadow of the Grave also reads somewhat broken in that context. Harsh Mentor would have been better with Sensei's Divining Top still in the format.”

Marius Hausmann, MKM Series Milan 2017 Legacy champion: “Maybe we'll get to see Nissa, Steward of Elements or Harsh Mentor, I don't see their impact as very large though.”