Some celebrated the banning of Sensei's Divining Top, others worried that Legacy—with its overabundance of different angles of attack, putting reactive strategies at a fundamental disadvantage—might lose its only viable control deck. We asked some of the notable players in attenadance this weekend for their opinion on the ban …

Julian Knab, Legacy mastermind and MKM Series champion: “Probably the longest overdue ban in the history of Magic. I’ve wanted Top banned for almost nine years now and I still can't believe we finally got here. After it was announced, I received more messages on Twitter and Facebook than I did for my birthday. (And I have the best birthdays. Terrific!) I think the only downside is that Wizards really should have already banned it at least two years ago. With Miracles this dominant for such a long time, a lot more players got invested into the deck over the last two years, which could have been avoided. Fortunately most of the expensive parts of the deck translate well into other Legacy decks.”

Arne Huschenbeth, champion of Grand Prix Rimini 2016: “I decided a month ago that I was going to play Miracles at the MKM Series. I had never played the deck before, as I'm mainly a Standard and Limited player, and just wanted to become good at it for future Legacy tournaments, so I tested two weeks straight, watched a lot of coverage, and read articles about Miracles. And then they announced Top was banned. Thanks Wizards. Okay, personal things aside, I'm not an expert on Legacy, but it's probably correct to ban Top. I definitely feel bad for all the Miracles players that invested so much time and money in their deck.”

Rodrigo Togores, three-time MKM Series champion: “I love the banning, was praying for it for a long time. The next card should be Deathrite Shaman. Followed by Gitaxian Probe and Chalice of the Void. But I'm really happy about the current state.”

Tim van der Lans, Modern champion of MKM's 2015 SuperFinals “I've played a lot with Miracles, put up decent results with it, and still own the deck myself. Still … I'm glad to unsleeve it tomorrow and never face it again. It has been the dominant force in Legacy for way too long and it's a good thing that Wizards finally listened to (most of) the Legacy community.”

Sebastian Wibmer, Modern finalist MKM Series Frankfurt 2016:
“I'd love to see another control deck rise to prominence now. If that doesn't happen, that'd be a pity. But the ban's probably for the best, if only for the sake of the non-Miracles players. We all know these frustrating, endless Top activations inevitably ending in overtime.”

Marius Hausmann, MKM Series Milan 2017 Legacy champion: “Well, Sensei's Divining Top should have been banned two years ago. But that's just all the more reason to be happy now, especially for all the brews that can and will emerge now. Combo decks like Storm may of course become too powerful if not kept in check by Counterbalance now, and that might lead to an increase in Chalice of the Void decks. But that remains to be seen.”

Anton Karlinski, MKM Series Prague 2016 champion: “It was necessary. It's of course sad that some nonblue decks which used Top were hit as well, but Miracles had to be weakened. The only question is whether it might have been possible to weaken the deck without relegating the whole miracle mechanic to unplayability. Overall, now decks will return to the format that'd been summarily suppressed by Miracles—see Maverick.”