After ten rounds plus quarter- and semifinals, only two players were left to duke it out for the title and trophy of our Legacy main event: Austria’s Walter Wölfler who emerged to the final with his RB Reanimator deck and Germany’s Johannes Gutbrod, who chose to play Show and Tell, since his pet deck Miracles wasn’t available any more due to the recent bannings.

Walter Wölfler

Game 1

Both players kept their opening seven cards. Wölfler’s first move was revealing Chancellor of the Annex. He then played Faithless Looting discarding Iona, Shield of Emeria and Griselbrand. Gutbrod went into the tank before he started with Gitaxian Probe only to have it countered by Chancellor of the Annex’s effect. Nevertheless he continued with Ancient Tomb and Lotus Petal into Show and Tell. Emrakul, the Aeons Torn for Gutbrod and Chancellor of the Annex for Wölfler entered the battlefield. In his second turn Wölfler put Griselbrand with the help from Animate Dead into play and drew fourteen cards going down to 4 points of life. He tried to find an answer to the mighty Eldrazi but failed.
“That happens when you ban Mircales.” joked Gutbrod.
“Your turn one was better than my turn two.” Wölfler noticed when he scooped up his cards in defeat.

Legacy:Crazy actions during turn one & two

Johannes Gutbrod took the lead 1-0

Game 2

Wölfler kept seven cards while Gutbrod went down to six cards.
The Austrian resolved Entomb putting Iona, Shield of Emeria into his discard pile.
Gutbrod started with Preordain and Lotus Petal. Wölfler played Reanimate on Iona, Shield of Emeria going down to 10 points of life. He named blue and continued with another Entomb finding Griselbrand. Gutbrod resolved Lotus Petal into Sneak Attack, but was tapped out and couldn’t activate the enchantment. Without the fear of blue counter magic, Wölfler played Animate Dead on Griselbrandand went down to 3 points of life in order to draw seven cards. Lotus Petal and Thoughtseize were the next plays. It was a risky play from Wölfler, but he managed to discard Griselbrand from Gutbord’s hand. The German was left with no creature for Sneak Attack and faced lethal damage after his next turn.

Iona limiting Gutbrod's line of plays

The match was tied at 1-1

Game 3

Both players kept their opening seven cards. Wölfler’s first move was revealing Chancellor of the Annex. Again Gutbrod played Lotus Petal into Chancellor of the Annex’s effect and resolved Grafdigger's Cage. It looked like Wölfler dind’t board any card that could handle the Cage. Both players hadn#t any relevant action during the next turn. Gutbrod was busy casting cantrips to find Sneak Attack and a creature. When he accomplished the task, he resolved Sneak Attack and brought Griselbrand onto the battlefield. Gutrod paid 7 life and drew seven cards. He attacked his opponent and passed the turn. In the end step Wölfler used Surgical Extraction to get rid of Griselbrand leaving Gutbrod with Emrakul as a creature for his Sneak Attack. But Gutbrod had found Emrakul, the Aeons Torn and defeated Wölfler one turn later.

Gravedigger's Cage and Sneak Attack for the win

Johannes Gutbrod won the game, the match with 2-1, and the tournament!

Congratulations to Johannes Gutbrod the MKMS Frankfurt 2017 Legacy Champion!