It was almost certain that Amonkhet was going to play a medium to large role in Standard, of course. We asked several of the more notable players in attendance this weekend for their opinion: Which Amonkhet cards did they think would have the biggest impact on Standard?

Anton Karlinski, MKM Series Prague 2016 champion: “Although I haven't followed Standard this past year—Liliana, Death's Majesty has three great abilities, there's a Zombie theme in the set, and a black-white Zombie deck looks like a definite possibility. Liliana's Mastery maybe. Drake Haven also looks like a card to build a deck around.”

Arne Huschenbeth, champion of Grand Prix Rimini 2016: “I like Glorybringer, Liliana, Death's Majesty, and Cast Out.”

Eliott Boussaud, two-time MKM Series champion: “As a day-zero format after the ban, Gideon of the Trial. Why: Power!”