Julian Knab, Legacy mastermind and MKM Series champion: “Judging by the reactions I had seen on Twitter on Monday, people were either furious or disappointed. I think I didn't see a single positive reaction about the lack of bannings. I even saw one guy who said he took his Standard Copy Cat deck to a local Modern event and went 3-1 with it. Last time I heard about people doing that was during original Mirrodin, where you could take your Standard deck to Vintage tournaments. Nevertheless it was of course understandable that Wizards would shy away from banning things again in Standard to avoid alienating new players. It was more of a lose/lose kind of situation for them either way.

“It's very likely for the better that there ended up being a ban after all judging by the overwhelmingly positive reactions. The timing was of course somewhat unfortunate but not as bad as people make it out to be. If they were going to ban it, it's better they do it as soon as possible instead of waiting even longer.”

Arne Huschenbeth, champion of Grand Prix Rimini 2016: “I am super happy that Felidar Guardian is gone, but it's pretty embarrassing that Wizards waited two days and used the ‘new' format on Magic Online as their important data. It was obvious that Four-Color Saheeli was going to dominate in the first days. I think they just used the data as an excuse and the main reason for the ban was the community crying about Guardian not being banned. It's just laughable that they weren't able to see that coming.”

Tim van der Lans, Modern champion of MKM's 2015 SuperFinals: “I guess there wasn't much time to review the impact of certain cards before the new set would already change things drastically again. At least that was my theory before the ban. Now I'm thinking that it's bad timing for the people who started building the deck or playing it … right after a normal update. They could better delay the update altogether in such a situation. But the combo is too broken for Standard, so the banning is okay, I guess.”

Eliott Boussaud, two-time MKM Series champion: “No ban could very well have been fine. Banning it cleared a way for innovation, for midrange and slower combo strategies.”