Magic‘s latest release was only released a couple of weeks ago and the set surely didn't realize its full impact yet. Now the hour, the Hour of Devastation, had come: three days, four formats, hundreds of players, thousands of Euros in prize coupons … To kick off the weekend, we asked several renowned experts in attendance here in Prague for their opinion on the new cards!

Julian Knab, Legacy champion 2017 SuperFinals: “I hope Nimble Obstructionist ends up seeing play in Legacy. At three mana it's too expensive for any tempo-based strategy, but I could see it going into a white-blue-x Stoneblade deck. It either flashes in at end of turn to pick up Equipment or kill the opponent's Planeswalker, or it turns into a Stifle that cantrips. In the end, its mana and cycling costs might be too prohibitive for it to actually see play as it also competes with Vendilion Clique and True-Name Nemesis, which I both rate much higher. Abrade fixes a small issue that nongreen Delver decks have as it allows them to destroy artifacts without bringing in actual hate for them. This is very useful on a strategic level versus decks where you had to play the guessing game as to whether they had any relevant artifacts or not, such as Meekstone in Elves. However, going to the face with burn spells is even more relevant in Legacy than it is in Modern. And as a wise man once said: the key to understanding Legacy is to realize that two mana is three times as much as one mana in this format. So even though I see a lot of hype for the card, I don't see it actually making the cut. Ramunap Excavator might see play in Maverick decks as it's a great Green Sun’s Zenith target.”

Walter Wölfler, Legacy finalist MKM Series Frankfurt 2017: “I'm not sure if it's good enough to really get there as a staple in multiple archetypes, but Nimble Obstructionist is an incredibly sweet card, basically representing a ‘Stifle Clique' which makes you choose whether an evasive beater or some cantripping disruption is more important in a certain game state. Unfortunately, it not only competes with Vendilion Clique but also a certain other blue 3/1 for 1UU.”

Rodrigo Togores, three-time MKM Series champion: “I think that the most interesting card from the set is Ramunap Excavator. Crucible of Worlds is an amazing card and that's the same on legs. Plus you can Green Sun's Zenith for it in older formats. Abrade is interesting for almost every format, because it lets you destroy artifacts against decks with a low number of them. If they don't draw any you can still kill a creature and don't have a dead card. It's great for example against all of these Legacy decks: Merfolk, Loam, Taxes, Eldrazi. ”

Johannes Gutbrod, Legacy champion MKM Series Frankfurt 2017: “For Legacy I see a lot of potential in Solemnity. Pairing it with Dark Depths can lead to some pretty fast wins and shutting Infect down completely doesn't sound bad either. Moreover, I like Nimble Obstructionist, maybe a tempo-based deck with its little Nimble Mongoose brother got a new tool in it. Although I think Ramunap Excavator really is the biggest winner of all: Green Sun's Zenith for Crucible of Worlds? Call me in!”

Marius Hausmann, Legacy champion MKM Series Milan 2017: “For Legacy the coolest cards are theese invocations—you don't know someone with a playset of cheap Blood Moons for me, do you? No, seriously, if you had asked me in times of Maverick I totally would have said Bontu's Last Reckoning, but nowadays pure control decks have nearly vanished; Miracles is still alive though, even without Counterbalance/Sensei's Divining Top. And having Toxic Deluge to clear the board of nasty hordes of weenies while keeping your Tarmogoyf/Gurmag Angler alive seems just better to me. Solemnity might see even more play in Legacy than in Modern, since you can do funny stuff together with Dark Depths and so on. Ramunap Excavator sounds cool—a Crucible of Worlds you can get via Green Sun's Zenith—but the right deck for this still has to be built.”

Tomo Pejanovic Nosaka, Modern quarterfinalist MKM Series Milan 2017:Ramunap Excavator looks like it could see some play in various Legacy decks instead of Crucible of Worlds since it can attack and the format is not as removal-heavy as Modern. Ramunap Ruins has some potential to slot into Modern and Legacy burn deck since reach on lands is good, but I somehow doubt it.”