Magic‘s latest release was only released a couple of weeks ago and the set surely didn't realize its full impact yet. Now the hour, the Hour of Devastation, had come: three days, four formats, hundreds of players, thousands of Euros in prize coupons … To kick off the weekend, we asked several renowned experts in attendance here in Prague for their opinion on the new cards!

Julian Knab, Legacy champion 2017 SuperFinals:Nimble Obstructionist is just too good of a card not to see at least some play in Modern, even though there aren't many decks that can actually use it. People will probably try it in some versions of white-blue-red midrange/control, although creature slots are always tight. Abrade could see play, but not being able to go to the face is a real concern. Some people will certainly try to break Solemnity, maybe in combination with Phyrexian Unlife. There's also talk about Liliana's Defeat, but I really dislike it being sorcery speed.”

Walter Wölfler, Legacy finalist MKM Series Frankfurt 2017: “I do think some of the hype Claim // Fame has been getting as a potential inclusion in both blue and green-based Death's Shadow decks is justified. The card can generate value, especially with Snapcaster Mage, as well as just beat face due to the Fame side potentially allowing for 14-power hasty Shadows hastily rising from the dead.”

Rodrigo Togores, three-time MKM Series champion: “I think that the most interesting card from the set is Ramunap Excavator. Crucible of Worlds is an amazing card and that's the same on legs. In Modern you could play it in Green-White Hatebears to recycle Ghost Quarters and other cool lands while aplying pressure. Other interesting cards are Life Goes On to beat Modern burn decks and Hour of Promise for Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle decks.”

Johannes Gutbrod, Legacy champion MKM Series Frankfurt 2017: “I actually have no clue about Modern. But if I were to play it, I would probably try to brew something spicy with Solemnity and Phyrexian Unlife.”

Marius Hausmann, Legacy champion MKM Series Milan 2017: “I start to enjoy Modern more and more now that I found a deck which suits my playstyle. Honestly, the only cards I estimate to have an impact on Modern are Bontu's Last Reckoning and perhaps Solemnity to fight all kinds of Collected Company decks. But I guess we'll have to wait and see whether Death's Shadow gets banned, since Grixis Shadow is, in my opinion, clearly the best deck in the format and makes all other stuff, including Company, look like tier two to three decks.”

Tomo Pejanovic Nosaka, Modern quarterfinalist MKM Series Milan 2017: “There are a few cards that come to mind which might see Modern play, like Bontu's Last Reckoning and my favorite, Claim // Fame. Liliana's Defeat could become a decent sideboard option if you play in a metagame with a lot of black-green-x midrange and various Death's Shadow decks, but it might be too narrow to pack it for a bigger tournament. Crested Sunmare could boost Soul Sisters and Hollow One has some interesting synergies, but both might be too cute to be effective in the long run. Solemnity is probably the most interesting card and only time will tell if it's any good or even broken. Nimble Obstructionist is an expensive Stifle on a flying body with power 3 and flash, and while it doesn't look like much, it may be playable in some blue decks despite its casting cost. Scavenger Grounds should find a slot in Eldrazi Tron as graveyard hate that comes into play untapped.”