Magic‘s latest release was only released a couple of weeks ago and the set surely didn't realize its full impact yet. Now the hour, the Hour of Devastation, had come: three days, four formats, hundreds of players, thousands of Euros in prize coupons … To kick off the weekend, we asked several renowned experts in attendance here in Prague for their opinion on the new cards!

Julian Knab, Legacy champion 2017 SuperFinals: “Did I mention that I really like Nimble Obstructionist? Even though it's the by far the most powerful format, many Vintage games come down to little advantages eventually tipping the scales in your favor—if you to live through the initial craziness of the early turns. Nimble Obstructionist is the kind of card that shines in such an environment. It works really well in Landstill decks as either a threat or to counter your opponent's Wasteland. It won't be a mainstay of the format but I'd be happy to see it cause a blowout every now and then. Abrade might also see play. I mean, recently some people have been playing maindeck Fragmentize and I can very much see Abrade going into that slot.”

Walter Wölfler, Legacy finalist MKM Series Frankfurt 2017: “I would be lying if I said I had more than a fleeting grasp of what's going on in the Vintage metagame and looking at the card list I'm at a loss of what might be playable in Magic‘s most powerful format.”

Rodrigo Togores, three-time MKM Series champion: “I think that the most interesting card from the set is Ramunap Excavator. Crucible of Worlds is an amazing card and that's the same on legs. Abrade is interesting for almost every format, because it lets you destroy artifacts against decks with a low number of them. If they don't draw any you can still kill a creature and don't have a dead card. It's good against Vintage's White Eldrazi, for example, where it can destroy a Thorn or a Thalia.”

Johannes Gutbrod, Legacy champion MKM Series Frankfurt 2017: “Ramping into Nicol Bolas, God-Pharaoh seems sweet but is probably pretty bad.”

Marius Hausmann, Legacy champion MKM Series Milan 2017: “I looked through the whole set twice and maybe I'm just blind or is there really not a single card for Vintage in the whole set?”

Tomo Pejanovic Nosaka, Modern quarterfinalist MKM Series Milan 2017: “I'm not really into Vintage so it's hard for me to comment, but Ramunap Excavator seems decent in a format with Wastelands and Strip Mine.”