After five rounds of Vintage, only eight players remained in the running for the fame and the fortune. In this quarterfinal, a truly international affair, Michal Kluczek from Poland faced off against Jens Gerstenberg from Germany. While Kluczek decided to play Dredge, Gerstenberg chose an unpowered BUG deck.

Jens Gerstenberg placed 5th after Swiss with his unpowered Vintage deck

Game 1

Both players kept their opening seven cards and Kluczek began with an powerful first turn. He played and activated Bazaar of Baghdad discarding Golgari Grave-Troll, Cabal Therapy, and Bloodghast. Gerstenberg resolved Thoughtseize but that was not enough to disrupt the Dredge player. In his second turn Kluczek had a second Bazaar of Baghdad. Two activations plus the regular draw step, was enough for Kluczek to dredge nearly his whole deck into his graveyard. Cabal Therapy was flashed back and Gerstenberg replied “I think the game will end in the next two turns“. The German was right. Since he had no Force of Will, Kluczek was able to use Dread Return on Flame-Kin Zealot with enough Tokens from multiple Bridge from Below for the lethal attack.

Michal took the lead 1-0

Michal Kluczek playing Dredge

Game 2

After sideboarding Kluczek took a mulligan down to six cards while Gerstenberg kept his seven cards and started with Grafdigger's Cage. This was definitely not a good start for the dredge player. But Kluczek had an Bazaar of Baghdad again, drew two cards and discarded Bridge from Below, Sun Titan, and Golgari Grave-Troll. While Gerstenberg played Preordain, Kluczek had Undiscovered Paradise and passed his second turn. After the German played Snapcaster Mage for Preordain during his third turn, Kluczek resolved Chain of Vapor targeting Grafdigger's Cage. After the annoying artifact was gone, Kluczek was free to play his deck as it was intended. He activated Bazaar of Baghdad, dredged his deck into the graveyard, triggered some Narcomoeba and played a second Bazaar to do it all again. He then flashed back Cabal Therapy naming Force of Will. Gerstenberg had no counters in his hand and so, with three Bridges in his graveyard, Kluczek played Dread Return on Flame-Kin Zealot for the lethal attack.

A first turn Grafdigger's Cage was not enough to stop the Dredge deck

Michal Kluczek took the match 2-0 and advanced to the Semifinal.