In this semifinal pairing Stephane Roumanille and his innovative Solemnity deck were facing off against Tom De Decker, playing Monastery Mentor with Paradoxical Outcome. Would the interesting new brew prevail once again and proceed to the final? Or would the tried and trusted Mentor strategy put an end to Roumanille's run?

Game 1

Roumanille opened on Mystic Remora and he even got to draw a bunch of cards off it! Unfortunately, he only did so because De Decker cast Black Lotus, Monastery Mentor, Mox Ruby, and Demonic Tutor, all on his first turn. Roumanille paid the upkeep on his Remora and passed back to De Decker who continued with Mox Sapphire, Mox Opal, and Merchant Scroll

Stephane Roumanille drew something like six cards with Mystic Remora!

Roumanille conceded on the very next turn.

Game 2

For the second game, Roumanille got to play first again, but again it didn't help him. This time, he led with an unimpressive “Island, go” whereas De Decker cast Mox Ruby and Mana Vault, played Tolarian Academy and resolved Time Walk.

During his extra turn, De Decker first cast Ancestral Recall, then Mana Crypt, then Paradoxical Outcome. Roumanille tried to stop it with Mindbreak Trap, but De Decker had Force of Will to keep going. So he drew a bunch of cards, replayed Mana Vault and Mox Ruby, laid another land in Underground Sea … Only problem, he didn't have a source of white mana yet to summon the Monastery Mentor in his hand and just passed.

Roumanille, however, still wasn't able to do much with his turn, other than: “Tundra, go.”

Tom De Decker proved quite the topdedecker

De Decker drew a Tundra of his own and went to work. He cast Mana Crypt, Merchant Scroll (for Flusterstorm), then Monastery Mentor, Dark Ritual, Yawgmoth's Will, Ancestral Recall, and Flusterstorm for Roumanille's Mental Misstep. All of this left De Decker with four tokens and another bunch of cards in hand; but he didn't have any mana left to cast the Time Walk or the Paradoxical Outcome from his graveyard.

So it was time for Roumanille to do something for a change. In fact, it was about time, as he was facing certain death otherwise. He began with Preordain, followed it up with Ancestral Recall, and actually found Engineered Explosives and Mana Crypt to clear the board of tokens and various mana artifacts.

Unperturbed, De Decker cast Mox Emerald, Sol Ring, Preordain into Demonic Tutor into Snapcaster Mage into Time Walk. There was some discussion whether he shouldn't have gone for Paradoxical Outcome instead, considering that this sequence left De Decker with an empty hand and no lethal attack without a noncreature spell on top of his library. In the end, though, it didn't matter as De Decker topdecked Gitaxian Probe on his extra turn, prompting Roumanille to extend his hand in concession.

Stephane Roumanille 0-2 Tom De Decker