After five rounds plus quarter- and semifinals, only two players were left to duke it out for the title and trophy of our Vintage main event: Poland's Maciej Fidzinski who had already beaten his opponent during the Swiss rounds playing Ravager Shops. And Tom De Decker piloting Esper Paradoxical Mentor which he build here at the venue right before the Vintage main event started. He told me that he added black especially for Yawgmoth's Will because he likes playing Vintage and having a lot of fun in this format.

Maciej Fidzinski

Game 1

Both players kept their opening seven. Since he was placed first after the Swiss standings, Fidzinski decided to go first. He started the game with Mishra's Factory, a Mox, and Thorn of Amethyst, but De Decker had Force of Will for the artifact. De Decker fetched Island and refilled his hand with Ancestral Recall. Mox Opal and Mox Jet hit the table before De Decker passed the turn. Fidzinski resolved Sphere of Resistance but De Decker played Engineered Explosives for one mana but had to pay another mana thanks to the Sphere. Engineered Explosives entered the battlefield with two counters and De Decker passed the turn. Fidzinski hab no big action during the next turns and when he played a second Sphere of Resistance, De Decker activated his Engineered Explosives.

A big turn for De Decker followed. He played a third Mox and resolved Paradoxical Outcome in order to draw three cards and to replay the three Moxen. Treasure Cruise, Gush and Sensei's Divining Top followed. Finally De Decker found a Monastery Mentor, played it and passed the turn. In the next two turns Fidzinski resolved one Lodestone Golem and two Steel Overseer. But with his Mentor and three token, De Decker was ahead on board. He played Dig Through Time finding Repeal and Black Lotus. He played Lotus and attacked with Monastery Mentor and three Monk tokens. Lodestone Golem blocked the Monastery Mentor in order to trade the two creatures but De Decker played Repeal targeting his freshly played Divining Top. The Mentor grew to a 6/6 creature and killed the Golem. Fidzinski went down to 5 points of life. In his second main phase De Decker played a lethal Tendrils of Agony and both players began to sideboard.

De Decker took the lead 1-0

Game 2

While Fidzinski kept his opening seven cards, De Decker went down to six cards. Fidzinski opened with Chalice of the Void for zero, Mishra's Workshop and Trinisphere. A perfect start for the Shops player! De Decker could just play Plains and passed the turn. He was locked down under the Sphere and was not able to play any card besides lands during the next two turns. Fidzinski resolved Steel Overseer and Arcbound Ravager. When he played a second Ravager and used Wasteland on one of De Decker's lands, the Belgian player conceded.

The match was tied at 1-1

Facing a lock and pressure, De Decker conceded the game

Game 3

Like in game 1, both players kept their opening seven. De Decker started with Island and Mana Crypt. Fidzinski resolved Black Lotus, Chalice of the Void for zero, and Sphere of Resistance of an Ancient Tomb. De Decker took three damage from his Mana Crypt and passed the turn. Fidzinski played Mishra's Factory and Arcbound Ravager. During the end of turn phase De Decker played Hurkyl's Recall bouncing all artifacts back into Fidzinski's hand. With no Sphere on the battlefield, De Decker played Mox Pearl and Monastery Mentor. He repealed his own Mana Crypt and played it again in order to get two Monk token from the Mentor. Fidzinski played Black Lotus, Chalice of the Void for zero, Sphere of Resistance and Arcbound Ravager again. He was down to 12 points of life due to his two Ancient Tomb. In his upkeep De Decker went down to 14 points of life due to his Mana Crypt. He managed to play Treasure Cruise and Mox triggering the Monastery Mentor. De Decker attacked with the Mentor and two Tokens. Fidzinski ws forced two sacrifice the Chalice and the Sphere into the Arcbound Ravager just to trade with a Monk token and De Decker was fine with that. Fidzinski went down to 5 points of life and started his turn. He used both of his Ancient Tomb droping down to the last point of life in order to resolve Walking Ballista with four counters. With the Ballista he killed the Monastery Mentor immediately. But with only one point of life left, De Decker showed him Tendrils of Agony and the game was over.

De Decker won the game, the match with 2-1, and the tournament!

Tom De Decker enjoyed the Vintage format and all of his matches

Congratulations to Tom de Decker the MKMS Prague 2017 Vintage Champion!