This was it. After nine rounds plus quarter- and semifinal, only one more match remained to determine the champion of this 296-strong event. Titanshift player Anders Thiesen had barely lost one match all day, and he was determined to keep it this way. And his opponent Tomasz Sodomirski, playing Dredge, actually liked Thiesen's chances: “It's not a good matchup for me, especially after sideboarding. At least I'll go first, so maybe I can win the first and the third game.”

Little did he know that Thiesen had but one meager Anger of the Gods in his seventy-five …

Game 1

The match began with a somewhat slow start for Sodomirski, casting Life from the Loam for zero lands on turn two. He dredged into Narcomoeba but no further dredge cards. His Cathartic Reunion found another one in Dakmor Salvage, but his third draw had to come from the top of his library. At least this card turned out to be Stinkweed Imp and Sodomirski had a land and Insolent Neonate to continue the dredging process right away. He ended his turn three with two Narcomoebas, two Prized Amalgams and one Bloodghast on the battlefield.

Anders Thiesen

Anger of the Gods?” he asked, pleading for Thiesen not to have it. Thiesen did not (have it in his main deck). In fact, Thiesen only played and searched up lands and quickly shed life to Sodomirski's creatures. Literally his first interaction came on the turn before he would have died to the beatdown. And said interaction consisted of: Summoner's Pact for Sakura-Tribe Elder, casting and sacrificing the Snake, and playing Scapeshift for the win.

Game 2

The second game went better for Sodomirski.

A new card, netting several extra cards

By turn two, he commanded an army of three Bloodghasts and one Narcomoeba, turn three he cast the first half of Driven // Despair and turn four … he had lost all of his creatures to Anger of the Gods. This was, obviously, a major setback for Sodomirski. He slowly rebuilt with another Bloodghast and a Golgari Thug cast from hand, while Thiesen summoned a pair of Sakura-Tribe Elders.

Tomasz Sodomirski

Now, as was figured out later, Sodomirski could have actually won the game. He still had a full grip thanks to Driven // Despair and some Life from the Loam action, and had Conflagrate in the graveyard. This would have given him exactly lethal damage, if he had pointed two of those points of damage at the Sakura-Tribe Elders to prevent them from blocking Bloodghast and Golgari Thug, turning 2 to 3 damage. Alas, he didn't figure it out and gave Thiesen another turn.

“Do you have the kill?” Sodomirski asked. Thiesen showed him Farseek and Scapeshift. He did.

Congratulations to Anders Thiesen, Modern champion of MKM Series Prague 2017—enjoy your trophy!