Justin Hayo had previously reached the Top 4 of the record-breaking Modern main event at MKM Series Frankfurt earlier this year. He apparently liked the taste of that—now he was back for more in any case, back in the Top 8, and looking for another quarterfinal victory.

Anders Thiesen, meanwhile, was looking for revenge. He had already played against Hayo in the Swiss rounds today and lost the matchup—his Titanshift versus Hayo's Eldrazi Tron—then.

Game 1

The game began with an Explore and a Farseek from Thiesen. Other than that, not much happened, at least not on the stack. Even when Thiesen played his sixth land, he just passed the turn right back to Hayo who cast Chalice of the Void with X=2.

Thiesen played a second Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle and passed again. Hayo shrugged and summoned Endbringer. Thiesen played a land, resulting in two Valakut triggers and brought the Eldrazi to an end. Hayo didn't look happy and tried for another Endbringer. Thiesen pointed Roast at it.

“Sure,” said Hayo, forgetting about his Chalice of the Void. He summoned Thought-Knot Seer next, took 3 damage from Lightning Bolt in response, and got to see another land. The land of course allowed Thiesen's pair of Valakuts to shoot Thought-Knot Seer dead; Thiesen drew and cast Farseek.

“Sur— Err, wait!”, said Hayo this time, and pointed at his Chalice. He proceeded to topdeck and summon Reality Smasher and finally got in for some damage. However, Thiesen's deck also chose this moment to cooperate and his Primeval Titan was quite a bit more powerful. Game-endingly so, in fact.

“That was the weirdest game ever,” said Thiesen.

Game 2

Here, Hayo led with Urza's Mine, Urza's Tower, and Urza's Power Plant, cast Chalice of the Void (X=2) on turn three and Chalice of the Void (X=4) the turn after.

Justin Hayo

“It's too late. I already played my 4-drop,” Thiesen taunted in jest. True, Obstinate Baloth had made it to the battlefield by this point. But a little more relevant was the fact that something like three cards for four mana were stranded in his hand now.

Yet more relevant, of course, turned out to be the Ulamog, the Ceaseless Hunger which Hayo summoned on turn five and which ended the game virtually on the spot.

Game 3

“I will play first,” Thiesen announced with a bright smile on his face. And boy did he. By turn two he had suspended two copies of Search for Tomorrow and destroyed Hayo's Expedition Map with Nature's Claim.

Anders Thiesen

“No Tron for me this time,” poor Hayo sniveled. He rallied magnificently, though, and elicited the help of Eldrazi Temple to cast Matter Reshaper on turn two.

Before long however Primeval Titan entered the stage and searched for double Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle. One Hayo destroyed with Ghost Quarter and more he removed from Thiesen's deck via Surgical Extraction. All to no avail; Sakura-Tribe Elder, another Primeval Titan, and an attack with the first gave Thiesen more than enough Valakut action to decide the game and match in his favor.

Justin Hayo 1-2 Anders Thiesen