In this semifinal pairing Stefan Schumacher and his Grixis Death's Shadow deck were facing off against Tomasz Sodomirski, piloting Dredge. In the Grand Modern Trial Sodomirski played another archetype but switched to Dredge for the Modern main event today. Did he make the right decision?

Stefan Schumacher playing in his first MKM Series Top8

Game 1

Sodomirski kept his seven cards while Schumacher took a mulligan down to six cards and scried to the bottom. Sodomirski started with Faithless Looting discarding Bloodghast and Stinkweed Imp. Schumacher played a land and passed the turn. Sodomirski dredged Stinkweed Imp in his draw step. He played a land and Bloodghast entered the battlefield and triggered Prized Amalgam. Cathartic Reunion was countered by Stubborn Denial and Sodomirski passed the turn. Schumacher played his second shockland, going down to 16 points of life and continued playing Thought Scour and Serum Visions. Sodomirski attacked Schumacher down to 11 points of life and played a second Cathartic Reunion during his second main phase, dredging a lot of cards into his graveyard. Two Narcomoeba entered the battlefield and two Prized Amalgam triggered as well. Facing a board with five creatures against his zero creatures, Schumacher conceded the game.

Some creatures were jumping out of the graveyard

Tomasz Sodomirski took the lead 1-0

Game 2

Schumacher kept his opening hand while Sodomirski went down to six cards and scried to the bottom of his deck. Schumacher started with cycling Street Wraith and followed with Thoughtseize discarding his opponent's Insolent Neonate. In his first three turns Sodomirski was not able to find any action and Schumacher continued casting cantrips. He brought himself down to 10 points of life but was not able to cast any creature. Sodomirski cast Life from the Loam targeting two fetchlands and passed the turn. In the end of turn step Schumacher used his Nihil Spellbomb to get rid of the Life from the Loam and shot Sodomirski down to 11 points of life with Lightning Bolt. The next action was a hardcast Stinkweed Imp from Sodomirski. The Imp and Bloodghast attacked Schumacher down to 6 points of life, before Flaying Tendrils removed both creatures. But Sodomirski had another Bloodghast and attacked Schumacher down to 4. Finally Schumacher found a creature with Gurmag Angler and passed with three mana open. Sodomirski tried to kill the Zombie Fish but Schumacher played Snapcaster Mage flashing back Stubborn Denial. Schumacher went down to 2 points of life when he played Surgical Extraction for the only dredge card Sodomirski had in his graveyard. Bloodghast attacked and Gurmag Angler blocked. In return Schumacher attacked with his Gurmag Angler leaving Snapcaster Mage untapped as a potential blocker. But Sodomirski played Cathartic Reunion and Faithless Looting. His efforts were rewarded when he was able to attack with two Bloodghast for lethal damage.

Tomasz Sodomirski beating down his opponent

Tomasz Sodomirski took the match 2-0 and advanced to the final