After nine rounds of Legacy only eight players remained in the running for the fame and the fortune. In this quarterfinal, two undefeated players both with a 7-0-2 Swiss finish met each other. Steffen Möller piloting Lands faced off against Maurice Lenz playing Stoneblade.

Maurice Lenz from Team Strong Force

Game 1

Lenz kept his seven cards, while Möller went down to six cards and scried to the top. Lenz played a land and passed the turn. Möller had more action: Taiga, Mox Diamond discarding The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale, Gamble, and Exploration were the plays on his first turn. But Lenz had Force of Will for the green enchantment. On his turn he played Stoneforge Mystic, searching his library for Batterskull and passed the turn. Möller played Wasteland and Life from the Loam. Lenz passed the turn and Möller continued with his actions. He played The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale and Engineered Explosives with zero counters. In the end of turn step, Lenz activated Stoneforge Mystic and put Batterskull into play. In his upkeep he used all of his mana to pay the cost for the Tabernacle. He attacked for 5 points of damage and passed the turn. During the next turns, Möller did his best to screw Lenz on mana. He transmuted Tolaria West and found Ghost Quarter. During the next turns Möller used Life from the Loam, Wasteland and Ghost Quarter to destroy Lenz' complete mana base. After three basic land got destroyed Lenz was not able to pay the mana for The Tabernacle at Pendrell Vale. Müller, dredging and playing Life from the Loam continuously, finally found Thespian's Stage and Dark Depths and Lenz unable to do anything conceded the game.

Steffen Möller took the lead 1-0

Game 2

Again, Lenz kept his opening seven, while Möller went down to six cards and scried to the bottom of his library. Lenz started the game with Swamp and Deathrite Shaman. Möller had Mox Diamond and played Life from the Loam. In his second turn Lenz played True-Name Nemesis with help from his fetchland and Deathrite Shaman. Möller dredged Life from the Loam and resolved it. Exploration was forced and Möller passed the turn. Lenz attacked with True-Name Nemesis and Deathrite Shaman ate Life from the Loam. Möller resolved his sideboarded Tireless Tracker played a land and passed the turn.
Lenz played Baleful Strix, wasted Möller's Taiga, used Deathrite Shaman to cast Swords to Plowshares on the Tireless Tracker, and continued his attacks. When Möller was down to 11 points of life, he was able to create a Marit Lage token. Lenz continued his attacks with True-Name Nemesis. Baleful Strix blocked Marit Lage so that Lenz was able to put Möller down to 3 points of life, but found no answer for Marit Lage.

Marit page won both games

Steffen Möller took the match 2-0 and advanced to the Semifinal.