Ixalan wasn't a factor at MKM Series Hamburg 2017, as the set wasn't even released yet. But it was of course one of the most discussed topics among players. We asked a number of notable players whether they had seen any cards in the upcoming expansion which might have potential in Vintage …

Julian Knab, Legacy champion 2017 SuperFinals: “Vintage is a hard one. With the set so focused on big creatures, niche tribal interactions, and high-value but low-efficiency cards, it doesn't really lend itself to the needs of a format where efficiency and versatility are key. Maybe Chart a Course in Delver decks, but I think they'd rather play Night's Whisper.”

Rodrigo Togores, three-time MKM Series champion:Sorcerous Spyglass will be played in Vintage MUD. Just naming turn one the fetch land your opponent has—or planeswalker or whatever—is pretty great. Not getting hit by Mental Misstep is a bonus and the information is relevant too. Casting this turn one against Dredge will be really awesome. This will substitute the Thorn of Amethyst that just got resctricted.”

Marius Hausmann, Legacy champion MKMS Milan 2017:Chart a Course caught my immediate attention. It looks highly playable across all formats. Even without attacking the card is still reasonable after all.”

Andreas Reling, semifinalist GP Stockholm 2016: “I'd love to see someone go off with Deeproot Champion in a deck with Gush, Fastbond, and Moxen. But more realistically Sorcerous Spyglass is a powerful addition to sideboards and maybe to Mishra's Workshop main decks. Just compare it to Pithing Needle!”

Thoralf “Toffel” Severin, Standard semifinalist MKMS Prague 2017:Sorcerous Spyglass in Shops.”