As Krull came in at first place, he wisely chose to play first, hoping that the prowess he displayed in the Swiss rounds would carry on here. His Kiki-Chord deck granted him a stellar 8-0-1 record.

Game 1

Things went according to plan when Krull immediately kept his opening seven but Kohn had to throw his back to look for a better six. After a short visit in Vancouver, they went underway and Krull started with a Birds of Paradise after fetching a Temple Garden.

Kohn just had a Fetchland and passed. Krull further developed his mana with a Wall of Roots and a second Birds, now representing a whooping six mana if he got to untap with his creatures unharmed and play a land. At the end of the turn a Thought Scour was cast, milling nothing of relevance. Watery Grave casted Thoughtseize, revealing a hand of Eternal Witness, Eldritch Evolution and Kitchen Finks. Making the discard spell obsolete anyway, Kohn took the Witness and passed the turn, fearing a land on top of Krulls library.
A land showed up and Krull played the Finks and they resolved. Eldritch Evolution followed without respect for Stubborn Denial and he was rewarded. After he thought for a short while, Krull pulled Kiki-Jiki, Mirror Breaker and copied the Kitchen Finks, hitting for three. It was apperent that Kohn just had no business as he could only but watch and go to his turn. His draw step delivered him a Tasigur which he paired with a Death's Shadow, now being able to play the 5/5. Krull just drew a land and passed.
Now it was Kohn who was in the driver's seat and it seemed that the Evolution did not that much. [Lingering Souls} brought a new dimension to the board state. Krull could only make some life with the Kiki-Jiki and pass the turn again. The board was getting crowded and it was Kohn who had the air force with his Spirit tokens but Krull had drawn Aven Mindcensor and with that a way to moe down the tokens as Kiki-Jiki could now make flying blockers. Kohn flashbacked Souls and passed.

The next draw step was huge. Chord of Calling was played for X=4 to get the kill in Restoration Angel but Stubborn Denial was ready to foil that plan. More Lingering Souls were being cast but Kohn declined to attack, not wanting to throw away a token for some damage. Krull's top of the deck delivered once more with the aforementioned Angel. With Kohn being almost tapped out, there was nothing he could do.

While sideboarding, Krull admitted to not knowing exactly what he was doing with the reason being that he never touched that deck before this tournament. He feared that his inexperience would show in his sideboarding choices. He took out Reclamation Sage, Aven Mindcensor and one of the Lightning Bolts and chose to fight with two Engineered Explosives and the Izzet Staticaster, while Kohn was cool and calculative as ever, cutting two Lingering Souls and one Liliana of the Veil while adding Liliana, the Last Hope and a pair of Flaying Tendrils.

Game 2

Both players kept this time and Kohn once again passed with a Fetchland, which probably meant a Thought Scour of Fatal Push was in the waiting. Krull had his turn one play as well and was relieved when the draw and not the kill spell was cast at the end of the turn.

Thoughtseize revealed a hand with two lands, Voice of Resurgence, Izzet Staticaster, Chord of Calling and Lightning Bolt where Kohn chose to discard the annoying two-drop. Now with his graveyard filled, Kohn was able to deploy a turn two Tasigur, looking strong to take it to a third game. Krull shocked himself with Stomping Ground but then proceeded to pass the turn. Kohn drew some cards with Serum Visions and then wanted to seize some more thoughts of Krull, resulting in the Staticaster being deployed, then taking the Chord. Kohn also had the Death's Shadow afterwards which was now huge and was in a prime position. Krull could only play a Wall of Roots, which could theoretically block the Tasigur and it did. The attack brought Krull down to 6 and he proceeded to draw only lands. The Wall was being pushed and the next attack prompted a chump block from the Staticaster to keep Krull alive. Kohn was almost empty handed but with such a board it did not matter. Voice of Resurgence meant that there were some more blocks but to what end? Tasigur was activated and Krull chose Thoughtseize. With Serum Visions finding a Fatal Push, Kohn could remove the Birds as the second blocker and got to send them to the third.

Krull was still unsure of his plan for the postboard games and removed the Izzet Staticaster again to bring in the Archangel of Tithes.

Game 3

He started off with a mulligan though and Kohn kept a strong seven but without any actual threats. What he had going for him though was that Krull was forced to go down to five and scryed to the bottom. He had a first turn play but not his trusty Birds of Paradise but only an Engineered Explosives for one. Kohn began his journey with a Thoughtseize and saw a resilient hand containing Voice of Resurgence and two Eternal Witnesses but lacking a second land. Krull then promptly drew the third Witness and could only watch as Kohn was not only developing his manabase but his hand as well with some Serum Visions.

With the tension gone now, both players started to joke around because it was very apparent who would win this set. Snapcaster Mage Thoughtseize revealed a Selfless Spirit had joined the three girls and a Witness was taken. A land came for Krull and the Spirit was met with a Fatal Push. Snapcaster started the beats and a first Death's Shadow wanted to bait the Explosives. There was actually a little dread for Kohn that the game would go a little longer as he was flooding, but Krull could not draw a land for his life and the Snapcaster beat him to 6. When a second Shadow showed itself the game was sealed as a Wall of Roots was pushed once again and Street Wraith shocked Kohn to deal the last points of damage.