Apologies to Karsten Tuitjer, but the main reason we took an interest in this particular quarterfinal match was Dennis Zens. This was the third Top 8 for Zens at the MKM Series this year; his second had only come one day before at the largest event of the weekend in Modern. As a consequence of his amazing run, he was now a serious contender for the MKMS Power 8. Previously in 14th place, a victory at this tournament could catapult him all the way to second or third place in the ranking.

But let's not get ahead of ourselves. First, Zens and his Show and Tell had to overcome Karsten Tuitjer's Leovold, Emissary of Trest

Game 1

There was a lot of friendly banter between the two players, most of which shouldn't be reproduced here. One quote in particular should suffice: “It's good that this is text coverage where there's no recording of what's being said.”

In contrast, there weren't a lot of spells being played. Zens played Preordain on turn three; Tuitjer on the other hand played Leovold, Emissary of Trest on turn three. Zens responded with Brainstorm and considered for quite some time whether to use Force of Will on the Elf.

Karsten Tuitjer

Instead, he untapped, cast Show and Tell, and used his Force of Will to counter Tuitjer's Force of Will. So Show and Tell resolved, which led to Omniscience which led to Griselbrand which led to Firemind's Foresight which led to Cunning Wish … and Zens's win.

“First time against combo! Dodged it completely all day,” Tuitjer summed up his experience of the match. “Just midrange, Stoneblade and the likes.”

Game 2

The real action in the second game began with Zens resolving Blood Moon. Unfortunately, Tuitjer already controlled two Deathrite Shaman by this point and wasn't really impacted all that much by the otherwise powerful enchantment.

Zens's Sneak Attack was met with Force of Will and summarily handled by Surgical Extraction. During its resolution, Tuitjer saw another Blood Moon, Show and Tell, Brainstorm, Omniscience, and a land in Zens's hand.

Two turns later, Zens cast Show and Tell … In response, Tuitjer cast Snapcaster Mage into Surgical Extraction to remove all Brainstorms. Zens revealed a hand of Ponder, another Show and Tell, Omniscience, and Cunning Wish. “If you have nothing else, that's it,” claimed Zens.

Dennis Zens

Tuitjer had something else: Flusterstorm countered Show and Tell. But his second Show and Tell resolved and brought Omniscience onto the battlefield. From there, Cunning Wish did its thing and won the game.

“You should have waited with that Flusterstorm to counter Cunning Wish!” one of Tuitjer's mates chided him afterward. “You knew his hand, you knew you're best chance was to just let him have Ominscience and fight over the Wish.”

Tuitjer realized his mistake quickly, but Zens was able to assure him that it wouldn't have made a difference, as his Ponder would have won the game anyway. Tuitjer also didn't seem to be too unhappy with the outcome. “Now go on and win this thing!” he told Zens. “So I can say I only lost against the champion!”