As they were shuffling up, both players said that they had no idea what the other was playing. A crucial part, considering the matchup was Eldrazi versus Canadian.

Game 1

Bender started with just a Flooded Strand, while Basart had a 2/2 Endloss One which was met with a Spell Snare. Not a very threatening start for the Eldrazi deck and Bender wasted no time but instead the Eldrazi Temple. Chalice of the Void was Spell Pierced, but again Bender passed with no plays. Eldrazi Displacer resolved for once but immidiately was bolted. Another Wasteland took out Cavern of Souls after a bit of consideration. Another Displacer, cast with Karakas, was Dazed. Now both players had no plays for several turns. Finally, a second Cavern of Souls enabled Thought-Knot Seer which revealed a hand of Force of Will and two Dazes where the five-drop was taken.

Oscar Basart casted Eldrazi after Eldrazi

Basart now knew that Bender had nothing in hand, which was revealed a second time by another Thought-Knot Seer. Nimble Mongoose looked not that strong in the face of two 4/4s and Bender took the attack down to six. Another 4/4 in the form of Endless One sealed the deal and the freshly drawn Delver of Secrets could only chump block, a place where the tempo oriented Canadian Thresh never wants to be in and almost never can come out of. Bender smiled and picked up his cards, knowing that this matchup was not in his favor.

Against a deck without any Fetchlands, Bender concluded that his Stifles were not good enough and replaced them with Ancient Grudge, Abrade, True-Name Nemesis and a Spell Pierce. Basart on the other hand wanted to try out his two Bearer of Silence alongside the trusty Ratched Bomb. For that, a couple of Eldrazi Mimic and Thorn of Amethyst had to go.

Game 2

Bender used the beauty of Canadian and kept a one-lander but a strong one and hoped that Ponder would get him there. Basart on the other hand had to ship his opening back. His six were lands and spells so he reluctantly kept. After the aforementioned Ponder, Basart started with an Eye of Ugin into an Endless One, which resolved as well as an Eldrazi Mimic which prompted Bender to think but ultimately resolved as well. The third creature in form of another Endless One was then met with a Force.

Three creatures in one turn – a Force of Will was needed

Bender wasted the Eye and played his trusty Nimble Mongoose, who than traded with the Mimic. Now it was Basarts turn to waste but Bender found a second land and played Delver of Secrets. Endless One brought Bender down to 13, but with now just one mana, Basart had to pass the turn. There was no transformation in Benders upkeep as he wanted to keep his Brainstorm, but ended up having to play it anyway in his mainphase when he bricked in his draw step. After an attack for one, Bender opted for another Mongoose instead of a Hooting Mandrills. In the next attack, Dismember took care of the Insectile Aberration but now the Mandrills posed as a two turn clock with the Nimble Mongoose together – although there were only six cards in Bender's graveyard. In the next turn the Lightning Bolt which flipped the Delver cleared the way and Basart had to try his luck in game 3.

Game 3

Once again, Basart had to mulligan his first hand. Ancient Tomb casted Ratched Bomb on turn one, but Wasteland took out the double land. The replacement was just a Caves of Koilos, but after that another Ancient Tomb made an Eldrazi Displacer possible, which was met with a Lightning Bolt. Bender now wasted the second Tomb and deployed a Delver of Secrets to the board.

Everything was going according to plan for the Canadian player

Basart was stuck with multiple expensive Eldrazi in hand with just one mana worth of lands. Insectile Aberration took over the little scientist right in the first upkeep when Preordain was first shown and then casted. But Bender had no second land himself. Caves of Koilos number two made it to the battlefield but had little to no impact. A second atttack prompted the Ratched Bomb to explode. Now Brainstorm was cast and it would probably determine the match as Bender could not afford to lock himself under his own draw spell. Luckily for him he found a fetchlanad and went on to deploying a Hooting Mandrils to end the turn with that.

Basarts draw step gave him a much needed City of Traitors but ultimately gave him still no other options but to pass the turn – his Eldrazi were just to expensive. It was all in vain as Bender had the third Wasteland. A tragic draw step for Basart gave him a Bearer of Silence which could have handled the Delve creature if only for the Wasteland a turn earlier. After accepting that a 2/1 could not do anything, Basart was ready to extend the hand.