On his way to the final Karl Oscar Persson had defeated both a Jund and an Esper variant of Death Shadow, the later of which he was piloting himself as well. On the other side of the bracket Jonas Nieke had dispatched the other important part of the metagame – the big mana decks – Eldrazi Tron and Titan Breach. Nieke was playing Affinity, the most successful Modern archetype on the MKM series to date. Affinity had won three out of the four last stops, but would it be able to do so once again? The matchup against Esper Shadow certainly wasn't great between a fast clock, large amounts of cheap removal, and Lingering Souls. In the sideboarded games Ceremonious Rejection, Flaying Tendrils and Disenchant wouldn't make things easier, but at least Persson had opted to not include Stony Silence in his 75 cards today.