The final of the largest MKMS Vintage tournament in recent memory concluded with a battle between two players who both had reached the Top 8 once before. Jaime Cano had brought a Gifts Ungiven deck which was aiming to win via Burning Wish on either Tinker or Tendrils of Agony; his opponent Adria Romero Vilardell didn't aim quite that high but was following a more disruptive game plan with Delver of Secrets / Insectile Aberration and Young Pyromancer his chief winning options.

Game 1

Romero led with land and Delver of Secrets; Cano had a land, a Mox, and a Repeal to set Romero back half a turn. Not to be outdone, Romero cast a Mox himself, cast Null Rod, played and used Wasteland, and reduced Cano to zero sources of mana: quite the bigger setback.

Adria Romero Vilardell

Cano drew for his turn, looked glum, and passed the turn with no play, land or otherwise. Delver of Secrets / Insectile Aberration began getting in for damage, and Cano's Library of Alexandria met another Wasteland.

Eventually, Cano found a pair of lands and Time Walked … into nothing. Romero, meanwhile, was threatening to walk all over Cano with Young Pyromancer. Cano's Subterranean Tremors took care of that at least, but Insectile Aberration finished the job nevertheless, while Cano was still suffering from the influence of Null Rod.

Game 2

Cano looked intent on getting his payback now, opening strong with a land, a pair of Moxen, a Time Walk, Tolarian Academy and—nothing, once again.

Jaime Cano

So Romero had all the time in the world to pick off Cano's lands with Wastelands, reducing the latter to just Mox Sapphire and Mox Emerald for mana. Following that, Romero's Young Pyromancer resolved, whereas Cano's Ancestral Recall didn't, following a battle involving two Force of Will and a Mental Misstep.

Delver of Secrets / Insectile Aberration joined the fray and Romero even had Strip Mine for Cano's basic Island. To add insult to injury, Romero's Ancestral Recall resolved, while Cano wasn't even allowed to have Brainstorm. To be fair, after the latter was countered via Pyroblast, Young Pyromancer had finally generated enough tokens for Lightning Bolt to seal the deal.

Congratulations to Adria Romero Vilardell, Vintage champion of MKMS Barcelona