There was a lot on the line here in Barcelona, at the final stop of the 2017 MKM Series. In addition to all the usual prizes and trophies awarded, the weekend also marked the conclusion of the race toward the Power 8. The eight most succesful players of the year would be rewarded with sizeable credit whenever they attended one of next year's stops, and this was everybody's final chance to garner more success.

This year, Johannes Gutbrod became the first player to win two consecutive main events at the MKM Series in the same format. He did so in Legacy which regularly drew one of the larger crowds, featured tough competition. He even did so by switching from Miracles to Sneak Attack/Show and Tell and back to Miracles, which he made work against all odds even without Sensei's Divining Top. Time to learn a little bit more about the Legacy master!

How old are you, where are you from, and what's your occupation when you're not busy winning at Magic?

Hi there, I'm 25 years old and from Nuremberg, Germany. I'm studying Sports and German in Erlangen.

When and how did you first get into Magic?

I played casually when I was 12 years old, but stopped for a long time, until my friend Max Lorenz confronted me with Legacy by chance …

When and how did you get into Legacy?

… I was playing with another friend for the old times sake, and he casually stepped by and told me what Legacy was—he already had a black-bordered Team America by then. That was about six years ago. I was very interested but told him I didn't want to spend more than 100 Euros on a deck. Guess that didn't work out so well

What is/are your favorite format/s currently? What do you like about it/them?

Legacy! You can either play the deck you're familiar with, that you pimped out over a long period of time, or some new spice that you brewed up. Moreover, playing Magic‘s best cantrips makes Legacy less dependent on top decks than other formats. In my opinion Legacy is the most skill intensive Constructed format, every real magician should play it.

Looking back at the 2017 MKM Series so far, what's your biggest regret, what was your closest miss or your most upsetting bad-beat story?

Not being able to attend MKM Series Milan. Not playing optimally at MKM Series Hamburg. Even some minor misplays/wrong decisions ended up being game-deciding.

Looking back at the 2017 MKM Series so far, what's your happiest memory, what was your luckiest break or your favorite game/match/tournament?

Back to back victories at MKM Series Frankfurt and MKM Series Prague after losing the first round in Prague.

What are your goals for MKM Series Barcelona and for the season? Where do you think you'll be able to make the most points yet? Do you expect the conclusion to the Power 8 race to be a hard fight still?

Earning another trophy, of course! I will do my best to have a good result in Legacy, and this time I will even try to grind the other formats to gain some precious points. Depending on who will attend, I think it will be a very hard fight. Please, Julian [Knab], don't win in Vintage again!

Have you heard about the news that the 2018 MKM Series will feature six instead of five stops and that the Power 8 prizes have been increased accordingly, by 20 percent? Assuming you'll secure a berth among the Power 8, can we expect to see you at all stops next year?

Of course. As nothing has been scheduled yet, I don't want to make empty promises, but everyone who knows me knows my love for Legacy is deep enough to make it to most stops in 2018!