With more stops and more events than ever this was going to be happy new year at the MKM Series, and we wasted no time to get going. We started into the new season right away on this, the very first weekend of 2018, and we even introduced a new format! We asked some of the more notable players in attendance what they thought about Limited as a main-event format …

Julian Knab, second among the MKMS Power 8: “I can certainly see why you included Limited, but it still rubs me the wrong way because of it replacing the Vintage main event. Generally speaking, I think that playing Limited is a really cool way to play Magic, and I certainly enjoyed it myself when I still had to time to commit to more than just Eternal formats. Limited will definitely bring in higher numbers of players, no doubt about that, and I am happy for that. In the long run, growing the MKM Series can only be a good thing for everyone involved.”

Kevin Wagner, member the MKMS Power 8: “Personally I'm not a huge Limited player, but on the big scale there is a lack of competitive Limited events that fill the space between PPTQs and GPs.”

Arne Huschenbeth, Standard champion of MKMS Hamburg 2017 and winner of GP Rimini 2016: “The Limited main event is a welcome addition to the line-up. Limited is popular and has a very low barrier of entry; everyone can play Limited. At the same time, it is of course sad that there's no Vintage main event anymore.”

Justin Hayo, member of the MKMS Power 8: “Personally I think that losing Vintage as a main-event format isn't that big of a deal. Limited is a fun format and I'm glad to see it show up.”

Thoralf “Toffel” Severin, veteran of two MKM Series Top 8s and two GP Top 8s, both in Limited: “I think it's great. Magic is something else to each player. Having a lot of different Constructed formats at a tournament stop is awesome, but there also are a lot of players who like to play Limited exclusively. Of course, you can't make everybody happy, at least not with a certain guaranteed number of players, but adding Limited seems to be the best course of action.”

Tomas Mar, Vintage champion at the 2015 SuperFinals: “I think it is a good step. I used to play Vintage, but for the last couple of stops I didn't, because the format is pretty horrible right now.”