With more stops and more events than ever this was going to be happy new year at the MKM Series, and we wasted no time to get going! We started into the new season right away on this, the very first weekend of 2018, and we even introduced a new format. Players had already had ample opportunity to get acquainted with Ixalan Limited, of course. We asked some of the more notable players in attendance which cards had surprised them the most in Ixalan Limited …

Arne Huschenbeth, Standard champion of MKMS Hamburg 2017 and winner of GP Rimini 2016: “When I saw Pirate's Cutlass for the first time I definitely didn't expect it to be one of the best commons.”

Justin Hayo, member of the MKMS Power 8: “I've been impressed the most with the Vampire tribe. Lifelink, tokens, and lots of Vampire payoff cards are commons and uncommons.”

Thoralf “Toffel” Severin, veteran of two MKM Series Top 8s and two GP Top 8s, both in Limited: “All of the Auras, like Swashbuckling and One With the Wind.”