With more stops and more events than ever this was going to be happy new year at the MKM Series, and we wasted no time to get going! We started into the new season right away on this, the very first weekend of 2018. For a fresh look at the state of Modern, we asked some of the more notable players in attendance what they considered to be the most underrated decks of today's Modern …

Dennis Zens, first among the MKMS Power 8: “Humans.”

Julian Knab, second among the MKMS Power 8: “Elves, definitely. Up until recently I would've also said Blue-Red Gifts Ungiven Storm, which has had insanely good results online, but I think people have fully come around to it by now. Call it confirmation bias, but I see this deck pop up with good results all over the place time and again, but there seems to be somewhat of a lack of talk about it. Now I'm not thinking it's tier one through-the-roof material, but compared to how strong it is, it really doesn't receive enough attention.”

Rodrigo Togores, veteran of seven MKM Series Top 8s and two-time GP champion:Vizier of Remedies Collected Company, for sure. It's a deck that's hard to play on Magic Online because of how long and dificult it is to combo. That means that players don't see results from leagues and don't play it. But offline it's a really strong deck. If you don't have a removal spell on turn two, you will lose the game on turn three a lot thanks to Devoted Druid. ”

Arne Huschenbeth, Standard champion of MKMS Hamburg 2017 and winner of GP Rimini 2016: “Burn.”

Justin Hayo, member of the MKMS Power 8: “Lantern Control and Dredge.”

Thoralf “Toffel” Severin, veteran of two MKM Series Top 8s and two GP Top 8s: “Burn and Tron.”

Tomas Mar, member of the MKMS Power 8: “Probably some kind of Delver of Secrets / Insectile Aberration deck.”