It was a nice fit for the first ever Limited main event of the MKM Series that the final pitted two first-time Top 8ers against each other. Jan Postma had drafted White-Black Vampires, while Tobias Raab pinned his hopes on Blue-Black Pirates with a splash of Marauding Looter.

Game 1

Things didn't go according to plan for Raab right from the start. His Kitesail Freebooter missed when Postma revealed a fine curve of creatures—Bishop's Soldier, Skymarch Bloodletter, Dire Fleet Hoarder, Queen's Agent— as well as lands, but no noncreature spell to boot. Raab then decided to discard a land to his Shipwreck Looter, only to go without land drops for a while following that.

Tobias Raab, Pirate captain

When Blight Keeper and Kitesail Freebooter double blocked Skymarch Bloodletter, sure enough Postma had Vampire's Zeal for a minor blowout. A couple of turns later, Postma's Sleek Schooner was blocked by another two creatures, and a second Vampire's Zeal cleared the rest of Raab's creatures away. Raab conceded not much later.

Game 2

Following a mulligan, Raab didn't have a land on turn three, and when he finally found one on turn five, it only was a third Island. To be fair, this still allowed Raab to summon Siren Lookout and Sailor of Means; but Postma's Vampires were already on the move and were making serious inroads into Raab's lifetotal.

Jan Postma, Vampire conquistador

Duskborne Skymarcher meant that Raab wasn't able to make any good blocks already; and that was before Postma's Territorial Hammerskull and Anointed Deacon joined the party. At least, Raab's Kitesail Freebooter got a card out of Postma's hand this time. Unfortunately, Postma was holding Pious Interdiction, Vanquish the Weak, and Contract Killing at this point, so the Freebooter was barely borrowing time.

The two games weren't over super fast, but it was a decisive victory nonetheless.

Congratulations to Jan Postma whose 2-0 in the finals made him the first ever Limited champion at the MKM Series!