The world of Modern had changed considerably in recent months. We wanted to find out what decks were considered the best three in the format right now, so we asked some eminent experts of the game for their opinion …

Dennis Zens, first among the MKMS Power 8: “Jund, White-Blue or Jeskai Control, and Eldrazi.”

Julian Knab, second among the MKMS Power 8: “Modern is a tough nut to crack right now because nobody really knows where it is headed. My gut feeling is that the best decks to take to a tournament are Lantern, Jund Death's Shadow, and the various flavors of Tron. Jund Shadow is the Turbo Xerox/Swiss-army-knife deck of the format, never really bad and always a solid choice. Tron just dominates a lot of the random midrange decks you can find in Modern, while itself being weak to combo decks—which however don't seem to be very prevalent right now. And Lantern is just capable of having really busted draws that lock out opponents quickly; it also thrives in metagames where people don't/can't respect it or lack the experience in playing against it. On top of that, I also consider Red-Green Scapeshift and Slippery Bogles to be very strong choices.”

Philipp Krieger, German national champion and WMC semifinalist: “Jund, Mono-Green Tron, and Humans. Also Grixis Control.”

David Reitbauer, 2009 Worlds finalist: “Jund is number one, Humans is second, and Mono-Green Tron is third, Jund being by far the best in my opinion. Unbanning Bloodbraid Elf just pushed the deck so much.”

Jonathan Anghelescu, member of the MKMS Power 8: “Titan Shift, White-Blue Control, and Dredge, all of them severely underplayed.”

Oliver Polak-Rottmann, GP champion and former Platinum pro: “I would say Tron, Jund, and Titan Shift.”

Hans Joachim Höh, GP and PT quarterfinalist: “Cutting the 40+ successful archetypes in Modern down to the top three is basically impossible at any point in time, but even harder now that the format was shaken up by the recent unbannings. Bloodbraid Elf clearly put Jund back into the top tier of decks, and many players are happy to play that archetype again. But we will have to wait and see how the format pushes back against it. The Magic Online Championship was flooded with Jund decks and was therefore won by Bogles, a deck that blanks all that targeted removal Jund brings to the table. This is just how the Modern metagame works: Always find and play the deck that is great versus the decks that are currently perceived to be the best and are therefore played the most. All that being said, I would name Storm, Tron, and Jund as the top decks, which will give you good results or should at least be high on your list of decks to beat.”

Justin Hayo, member of the MKMS Power 8: “I think Slippery Bogles, Jund, and graveyard decks like Living End or Dredge are strong now. Bogles and graveyard decks attack on a different angle than most of the ‘fair' decks. They provide a fast clock and generate card advantage by simply blanking stuff like removal or discard. Still Jund is now the best non-combo deck in the format.”