Along with Jace, Wizards had recently removed Bloodbraid Elf from the list of banned cards, allowing Jund's posterchild to once again roam freely in Modern. We asked some eminent experts of the game for their opinion on the decision …

Dennis Zens, first among the MKMS Power 8: “I actually like both of the unbannings. Both Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Bloodbraid Elf typically get played in non-linear decks, and I rather play and watch matches like Jund versus White-Blue than Burn versus Bogles.”

Julian Knab, second among the MKMS Power 8: “I think this being the more impactful unban of the two took a lot of people by surprise. Thus far it looks to be a potent but healthy addition to the meta and gets me especially excited about trying it in Andreas Petersen's Red-Green Scapeshift list.”

David Reitbauer, finalist at Worlds 2009, in Rome, with Bloodbraid Elf: “This is quite a different story from Jace. I cannot understand unbanning the Elf. From my point of view, I always thought that Wizards are interested in skill-based, interactive games. Bloodbraid Elf gives me the feeling that I play Hearthstone. When I hit Liliana of the Veil or Kolaghan's Command at the right spot, it's just like the game is over. I played a lot with the card back in 2009 when it was Standard legal. There was no Liliana or Command then, but just hitting Blighting could already turn a game completely. So for me Bloodbraid Elf in Modern is a no go.”

Jonathan Anghelescu, member of the MKMS Power 8: “This establishes Jund as the best fair black-green deck, at least for now.”

Oliver Polak-Rottmann, GP champion and former Platinum pro:Bloodbraid Elf is one of the most annoying cards to play with or against, as it leads to some random results. While the card is not too unfair at 4 mana, I prefer formats without it, even though I played with the card a lot.”

Hans Joachim Höh, GP and PT quarterfinalist: “With the format so fast, at first glance it seems completely unproblematic to unban a 4-drop creature. It is a big change to the format though, because the inherent card advantage of the Elf allows you to run lots of cheap answers, which will get you to the midgame trading one-for-one. At that point Bloodbraid Elf can win the card-advantage game, especially in Jund where it can put high quality threats like Tarmogoyf and Liliana of the Veil onto the battlefield. It also helps you find your sideboard cards more often, which can be extremely relevant in Modern. The synergy and grind potential with Kolaghan's Command is absurd too. This unbanning will have a much bigger impact on the format than Jace's, and is more likely to be reversed at some point.”

Justin Hayo, member of the MKMS Power 8: “I think the unbannings were a bit overrated at first. Jace doesn't find a reasonable shell, and Bloodbraid Elf solves a lot of problems. It balanced Lantern Control, made Jund viable again, and it forced people to refresh their sideboard plans.”