Wizards had recently removed Jace, the Mind Sculptor from the list of banned cards, allowing the strongest planeswalker of all time to be played in Modern for the first time since the format's inception. We asked some eminent experts of the game for their opinion on this decision …

Dennis Zens, first among the MKMS Power 8: “I actually like both of the unbannings. Both Jace, the Mind Sculptor and Bloodbraid Elf typically get played in non-linear decks, and I rather play and watch matches like Jund versus White-Blue than Burn versus Bogles.”

Julian Knab, second among the MKMS Power 8: “I think it's a fine unban. People were initially acting like the sky was falling when it was unbanned, and I was happy to jump on that hype train too. But early results have shown Jace not to make anything close to the big splash people expected him to make; and I think that makes sense. The way I have always viewed Modern, green is the new blue. Unlike Vintage and Legacy, Modern at its core seems to heavily revolve around green cards, while blue-based midrange/control decks are viable but never really considered the dominant, format-shaping decks of Modern.

“With that in mind, Jace adds a potent lategame tool to these blue decks, but it doesn't feel busted. Without something like Force of Will in the format, it's much harder to protect Jace and to convert the card advantage he provides into a favorable board presence quickly. There's lots of decks in Modern that are trying to take advantage of the inherently ‘bulkier' nature of the format, either by being faster (Mono-Red) or by going over the top (Tron). I think both of those decks present issues that Jace doesn't address. As such I think that the best shell for Jace is a Bant deck with a serious amount of mana acceleration. A good list for that has yet to be found though.”

Philipp Krieger, German national champion and WMC semifinalist: “It's obviously cool; most people love Jace. Still a little weird, timing this unban with the release of Masters 25.”

David Reitbauer, finalist at Worlds 2009: “I think everybody has a lot of love for this card, so from an emotional point of view I really appreciate the unbanning. It simply leads to more opportunities to play the card at all. From a tournament perspective I think Jace won't impact the format as much as Bloodbraid Elf already has—so it's also fine for me to give the Mind Sculptor a try.”

Jonathan Anghelescu, member of the MKMS Power 8: “At first I was afraid, I was petrified. So far he has been pretty much irrelevant.”

Oliver Polak-Rottmann, GP champion and former Platinum pro: “Jace is a great Magic card and I am happy that we can play with it again. I don't think that he is too strong for Modern, as the format is so fast that Jace might just be too slow.”

Hans Joachim Höh, GP and PT quarterfinalist: “I think Jace is a fine addition to the format. Blue control decks have been weak for a long time in Modern and still needed some help. Jace is much less likely to break the format than Bloodbraid Elf is. I would have liked to see it printed as a rare in Masters 25, though, to keep the price of the card a little more under control and to make players more likely to open Masters 25 packs trying to find a Jace.”